Robot Types

IFR MIR 400x275The International Federation of Robotics has reported that the market of professional service robots worldwide has reached $6.7 billion, up 12% compared with 2020. At the same time, sales of new consumer service robots grew 16% to $4.4 billion. The figures are part of the IFR’s World Robotics 2021 report.


Gatik Walmart400x275Gatik and Walmart have announced that Gatik is operating daily without a safety driver behind the wheel for delivery routes in Bentonville, Ark., moving customer orders between a Walmart dark store and a Neighborhood Market with its fleet of multi-temperature autonomous box trucks. Gatik said it represents the first time that an autonomous trucking company has removed the safety driver from a commercial delivery route on the middle mile anywhere in the world.


StarshipFleet400x275Starship Technologies, in conjunction with the U.K. MIlton Keynes Council, has announced the initial findings of an internal study to review the early impact of its zero-emission robots in the city over the last three and a half years.


TechmanRobot OMRON400x275OMRON has announced the signing of an agreement to invest capital in Taiwan’s Techman Robot, which manufactures collaborative robots that work with people at manufacturing sites. OMRON will hold a stake of approximately 10% in Techman, with the investment expected to be completed by December 2021.


OusterDFSeries400x275Ouster, which develops high-resolution digital lidar sensors, has announced the DF series, a flexible and scalable high-performance solid-state digital lidar platform aimed at the automotive industry.


OttonomyDelivery Mall 400x275Ottonomy has announced it is now enabling contactless food delivery with Los Angeles-based mobile ordering app, Crave, focusing on the restaurant and hospitality sectors. Ottonomy said it has been piloting both indoor and outdoor delivery in markets across the country in multiple industries and sectors, including airport and retail environments.


OttobockSuitX 400x275Ottobock, which develops prosthetics, orthotics and exoskeletons, has announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of suitX, a U.S.-based company that spun out of the Robotics and Human Engineering Lab at the University of California, Berkeley, and was developing occupational and medical exoskeletons. The combination of the companies will look to advance the exoskeleton market to foster the worldwide adoption of exoskeletons, the companies said in a statement.


Magazino Zalando400x275German-based robotics firm Magazino recently announced it has extended the robot fleet for Europe’s leading fashion platform Zalando. The existing fleet of eight robots at Zalando’s logistics site in Lahr, Germany, will be expanded by an additional 20 robots, some of which will support the picking of shoes ordered online during Cyber Week 2021.


Nuro Delivery400x275Nuro, which develops autonomous vehicles used in last-mile delivery applications, has announced raising $600 million in a new round of financing. The round was led by Tiger Global Management, and the new financing will support the development and deployment of Nuro’s autonomous delivery service in communities across the country.


Seeker VOXL CAM 400x275ModalAI has announced the release of two products to help developers create smaller, smarter and safer robots and drones. The VOXL CAM perception engine and the Seeker micro-development drone are optimized for the development of indoor and outdoor autonomous navigation. The companies are now available for sale at the ModalAI website.


GeorgiaTechRyder400x275Fleet management and supply chain company Ryder System has announced a data-driven study on the impact of autonomous trucking. The company worked with researchers in transportation and mobility at the H. Milton School of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISyE) at Georgia Tech to understand how to approach autonomy, and the potential return on investment. Ryder said the result is a roadmap to commercialization based on real-world data – and a significant cost savings.


IronOx Grover400x275Iron Ox, which is developing farming innovations utilizing plant science, robotics, and artificial intelligence, has announced a mobile support robot named Grover. The mobile robot can lift more than 1,000 pounds and assists in the monitoring, watering, and harvesting of several crops, from leafy greens to strawberries.


Calterah MiniFamily400x275China’s Calterah Semiconductor has announced two new mmWave radar chip product families, the Alps-Mini and Rhine-Mini. The chips are expected to help mmWave radar to break into new applications, including autonomous driving, smart cabin, security and surveillance, as well as smart homes and cities.


AutobrainsKarlThomas Neumann400x275Autobrains, which develops a first-of-its-kind self-learning artificial intelligence technology for assisted and autonomous driving, has announced it raised $101 million in Series C financing. The financing round was led by Temasek, a global investment company headquartered in Singapore. The company said the funding will help grow its commercial reach into new global markets. 


Kiwi LoyolaMarymount400x275Loyola Marymount University and its LMU Dining unit have announced partnering with Kiwibot to provide robot deliveries of hot, fresh meals on the campus. Since launching a trial run in September, the university said more than 500 deliveries have been completed across the Los Angeles campus.


Skydio AxonEvidence400x275Skydio, which develops drones and autonomous flight technology, has announced that public safety organizations flying Skydio drones and using Axon’s digital evidence management platform, Axon Evidence, will now have the ability to automatically upload photos and videos captured on the drones to the software platform.