August 23, 2021

C LinkFarmYard400x275C-Link Systems has announced two new unmanned ground vehicles, designed for industrial applications. The Bauernhof Panzer (Farm Yard Tank) is designed for work on horse farms or stables, while the OmniPanzer is an autonomous robotic vehicle with a chassis that can be equipped with several attachments or payloads.

The Bauernhof Panzer uses the OmniPanzer chassis, and ships with three attachments (up to 5 options are available). The first attachment is a 6-axis robotic arm with a grapple that can be used to clean stalls, paddocks and arenas. The second attachment is a one-yard dump body to transport what is cleaned up. The third attachment is a 40-inch drag grading blade, which will maintain the programmed tilt and depth even if the chassis rises or tilts. The electric system can run for long periods, and also has auxiliary batteries.

The OmniPanzer system can be pre-programmed for jobs via wireless computer link or network connection, as well as be taught via remote control. While the OmniPanzer is driven through a path or action, the ARV constantly records position and condition information. Upon completion, it becomes a looped playback. The OmniPanzer includes a distributed processor system with 12 to 14 processors, and it contains a full inertial navigation system, periphery range sensors, GPS, battery charging/monitoring system, and cameras.

More specifications and details are available via this writeup on the National Robotics Educational Foundation website, a strategic partner of Robotics World.