August 1, 2022

AuroraSchneider400x275Pittsburgh-based Aurora Innovation has announced a multiphase commercial pilot to haul freight for Schneider National, which provides transportation services. The agreement will have Aurora haul freight for Schneider’s customers with the Aurora Driver autonomous technology.

Schneider hauls freight on more than 9.3 million miles a day for America’s largest companies, creating an attractive value proposition for autonomous trucks that can haul freight 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, Aurora said. The Aurora Driver will begin weekly autonomous hauls this week between Dallas and Houston, with Aurora vehicle operators on board. The company said load frequency is expected to increase as Schneider expands its relationship with Aurora.

“Understanding more about an autonomous future is the logical next step to build a network that continues to deliver the best service for our customers,” said Rob Reich, executive vice president and chief administrative officer at Schneider.

Aurora said its latest partnership will help the company make progress toward delivering Aurora Horizon, its subscription-based autonomous trucking service. The company said the pilot will prepare Horizon in three important areas ahead of its launch:

  • Autonomy at scale – the Aurora Driver learns from every load it hauls autonomously. As the scale of these pilots increases, so does the Aurora Driver’s experience.
  • Vehicle readiness – weekly hauls allow Aurora to test the durability of its trucks, which are based on PACCAR’s Peterbilt 579M, for commercial operation and deployment.
  • Premium service – the fourth commercial pilot for Aurora enables one of the largest carriers to play a crucial role in testing and validating the Aurora product and service.

“Schneider has a reputation for delivering consistent and reliable service, evidenced by the sheer number of Fortune 500 customers,” said Sterling Anderson, co-founder of Aurora and the company’s chief product officer. “Preparing Aurora Horizon for prime-time with Schneider springloads our ability to deploy our product at scale in the years to come.”

The company has previously announced pilot programs with FedEx, Werner, and U.S. Xpress. For more details on Aurora and its offerings, visit its website here.