May 19, 2022

GatikKansas400x275Gatik, which develops autonomous vehicles for middle-mile logistics tasks, has announced it will be expanding operations to Kansas following the signing of Senate Bill 313 into law by Governor Laura Kelly. The Kansas law enables the deployment of fully autonomous trucks on public roads in the state.

Gatik said it worked closely with Walmart and key stakeholders, including the Kansas Department of Transportation, the Governor’s office, leadership in the House and Senate and the Kansas Sheriffs’ Association to develop and propose legislation that prioritizes the safe and structured introduction of autonomous vehicles in the state. It added it would work closely with state and local authorities to provide education and training sessions to law enforcement and first responders as part of its engagement strategy.

“We are excited to bring our autonomous fleet to the state of Kansas and ensure that the advantages of autonomous delivery on the middle mile can be realized by Kansans in the near-term,” said Richard Steiner, head of policy at Gatik. “We applaud Governor Kelly for taking a proactive approach to enabling the safe deployment of autonomous vehicles, and look forward to laying down roots in the state of Kansas, creating a wealth of new jobs and delivering essential goods to Kansans with speed and efficiency.”

Gatik States AutoDriving

In 2019, Gatik and Walmart proposed legislation in Arkansas that paved the way for commercial operations to commence, and in 2020, the companies received an approval by the Arkansas State Highway Commission to remove the safety driver from Gatik’s autonomous trucks after the completion of 18 months of successful operations. Gatik said the new legislation in Kansas will see the 25th state in the U.S. to allow fully autonomous vehicles to operate on public roads.

The company said it has achieved a 100% safety record across multiple operational sites in North America – including Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Ontario. In 2021, the company began operating fully driverless commercial deliveries on a middle mile delivery route with Walmart in Arkansas. Gatik focuses on fixed, repeatable delivery routes to maximize safety, meet consumer demand for real-time access to goods, and establish reliability and sustainability on the middle mile of the supply chain.

For more details on Gatik and its technology, visit its website here.