October 27, 2021

WeRideL4 SuiteSensor400x275China’s WeRide has launched its WeRide Sensor Suite 4.0, a small-sized, lightweight model that provides accurate and reliable perception capabilities aimed at Level 4 self-driving passenger vehicles.

Through highly integrated sensors, the WeRide Sensor Suite 4.0 achieves a significant reduction in size compared to its predecessor, the Senros Suite 3.0, the company said. The new version is one-sixth the size of the last generation, and occupies less than 0.4 square meters of roof area, allowing passengers to enjoy the vehicle’s sunroof. The Suite 4.0 version has a net weight of 13 kg, which is 20% of the weight of the previous model – WeRide said it is the lightest sensor suite among the industry. The package is also designed with streamlined surfaces to blend in with a vehicle’s aerodynamic shape, “creating a self-driving vehicle that looks more consistent and elegant.”

Technologies include lidars, 4D millimeter-wave imaging radar, solid-state lidar, blind-spot lidars and WeRide’s in-house designed camera module. The Suite 4.0 package enables 360-degree field of view with a front detection range of up to 300 meters, blind-spot-free detection, accurate motion tracking and object identification.

Suite 4.0 maintains the company’s modular design philosophy, allowing the variation of the sensor suite to be rapidly configured and adapted to several vehicle models, WeRide said.

WeRideSensorSuite4 800px

The WeRide Sensor Suite 4.0 is streamlined and lighter than previous models, and also includes a new sensor cleaning system.

The system also includes a new proprietary sensor cleaning system, which automatically detects dirt and stains on the sensor surface to trigger the cleaning system. The system then adopts a mixture of high-pressure gas and liquid cleaning methods, and a single cleaning shot that takes just one second to clean the sensors. WeRide said this method effectively removes water droplets, mud, dust, frost, oil and other obstructions from the sensors. “This ensures operational perception stability under different scenarios, including rain, snow, frost, sandstorm, smog and dust,” the company said. A compact exterior design makes the cleaning system invisible from the outside.

WeRide holds driverless test permits in both China (Guangzhou) and the U.S. (California). The company said it will accelerate fully self-driving testing with the application of the WeRide Sensor Suite 4.0 to help promote the new way of smart transportation.

More information on WeRide is available at its website.