April 9, 2021

EmbarkDevProgram400x.275Embark, which is developing autonomous technology for the trucking industry, has announced its Partner Development Program, which brings leading carriers together to work on improving speed and reliability for customers, as well as safety and work flexibility for professional truck drivers. Three companies have joined the program initially: Werner Enterprises, Mesilla Valley Transportation, and Bison Transport.

Through the program, Embark said it aims to refine the scale of the software and support services needed to enable carriers to own and operate Embark-equipped OEM trucks on select U.S. freight lanes. The core of Embark’s offering to carriers is the Embark Driver, a per-mile software license that can safely navigate a carrier-owned, Embark-equipped OEM truck from its origin to destination. Embark said it will also provide carriers with an autonomous fleet management solution, Embark Guardian, that provides remote vehicle monitoring, dispatching, and access to real-time data such as weather and construction. The two solutions will enable carriers to deploy and manage a fleet of autonomous trucks within their existing networks, the company said.

“Embark’s commitment to having carriers purchase and operate our autonomous trucks, while Embark provides a software subscription and support services, is a win-win because it leverages the logistical expertise of the carrier, allows the technology to scale more quickly through existing shipper-carrier relationships, and enables Embark to focus on delivering a safe and reliable autonomous truck,” said Alex Rodrigues, CEO and co-founder of Embark. “The learnings Embark has gained from hundreds of hauls with shippers and carriers over the years has helped us shape this new business model, and we are excited to announce it today.”

Within the program, carriers will work with Embark to test and ravine various facets of the overall operating model. This includes remote vehicle monitoring, vehicle maintenance procedures, teleoperations, AV dispatching rules, and transfer hub logistics. 

“While Werner has always been a first mover in the transportation industry, we continue to invest in new technology and solutions that enrich the experience for drivers, shippers, and carriers, while optimizing the entire ecosystem,” said Derek Leathers, the vice-chairman, president and CEO of Werner Enterprises. “By working with Embark, we amplify the voice of our drivers and our customers, allowing them to be an important part of the conversation around the innovation that impacts the future of our industry.”

In addition to the three carriers, AB InBev and other Fortune 500 shippers from across key industry verticals, who together spend billions on freight annually, have joined the development program, Embark said. Their participation will provide an end-customer voice and advise on the integration and scaling of autonomous trucks within their supply chain networks.

In addition to the engagement of carriers and shippers, Embark said it is inviting OEMS, real estate developers, and maintenance providers to coordinate a set of products and services that carriers will need to operate a nationwide network of autonomous freight lanes. As the program continues, the company said it will bring on additional carriers, shippers, and freight ecosystem partners to bolster learnings and provide additional scale.

More details on Embark and its technology are available at its website.