March 31, 2021

MobisVehicle 400x275At an event held at the R&D headquarters in South Korea, Hyundai Mobis has disclosed a new mobility concept for the post-COVID-19 era. Two urban shared mobility concept cars, M.Vision X and M.Vision POP, were demonstrated along with other new technologies.

The mobility platform has redesigned the passenger experience and communication methods to the viewpoint of interconnection and consideration in a contact-free age, the company said. The vehicles can also entertain users through the convergence of new technologies.

“We worked hard to sublimate the changes in life people have had to cope with in the post-COVID-19 area with new mobility technologies,” said Cheon Jae-seung, vice president and head of the Fundamental and Advanced Lab of Hyundai Mobis. “The new mobility platform, as presented by Hyundai Mobis, contains the spirit of technical exploration, which also enables people to share their thoughts and feel the joy of everyday life.”

MVisionX 200pxM.Vision X (photo, right) is a purpose-based, four-seater mobility vehicle. It provides a customized experience based on a unique interpretation of interior space. All of the windows of the vehicle can be used as screens, which can also be transformed into displays with special themes, such as a virtual space wall. It is possible to use all 360-degrees of transparent windows as a screen for watching sports games or performances, the company said.

Personalized control of the displays in M.Vision X is also possible. Some passengers may use the display as a transparent window to enjoy outside scenery, while others can use a screen to watch a movie. Hyundai Mobis said it is also possible to change the indoor seats according to their purpose, so they can be used both ways.

Mobis Cockpit800px

The interior of the M.Vision X is a vertical cockpit that provides communication functions and uses gesture recognition.

“The core solution of M.Vision X is the vertical cockpit in the center of the interior, which looks like a square pillar,” the company said. “On each of the four sides of the integrated center cockpit is a 28-inch display. This integrated center cockpit communicates with passengers in a contact-free fashion, using gesture recognition functions. As a result, passengers can control all driving-related functions (for example, autonomous driving mode), AI speakers and infotainment.” The concept also includes a sterilization function that uses UV lighting to automatically disinfect the vehicle once passengers get out of the car.

The M.Vision POP (top photo) is an exceptionally small mobility concept based on electric vehicles, developed under the theme of “TECH JOY.” This focus gives users pleasure through a convergence of the latest technologies, Hyundai Mobis said. The core solution is “PHOBILITY,” a combination of the words phone and mobility. The technology introduces the concept of smartphone and steering wheel docking to control the vehicle with a smartphone.

“The smartphone in the steering wheel becomes the cockpit of the automobile itself,” the company said. “The smartphone navigation screen interfaces with the front display of the vehicle, and the user recognition or voice recognition function can be used as well. It is also possible to use smartphone sensors for wireless steering of the automobile.”

An e-Corner module lets each of the four wheels of the vehicle to be rotated up to 180 degrees. As a result, “crab driving,” in which the vehicle moves from side to side like a crab, or even 360-degree rotation, is possible. The company said if this technology is used, “parallel parking will become easier.” This technology integrates the driving, braking, steering, and suspension system in each wheel of the vehicle.

More details on the company are available here.