Self-driving vehicles (automotive)

AuroraFamily400x275Pittsburgh-based Aurora, which is developing an autonomous trucking and ride-hailing business at scale, has announced its plans to commercially launch the trucking business and ride-hailing business over the next few years. As part of that plan, the company outlined updates and strategies around safety.


ServeMilestone400x275As companies continue to grow, innovate and deploy their robotics and autonomous technologies, certain milestones are met. This week, two companies made announcements regarding achieving new goals – sidewalk delivery firm Serve Robotics said it was the first autonomous vehicle company to complete commercial deliveries at Level 4 autonomy; and WeRide announced it reached 10 million kilometers (6.2 million+ miles) of autonomous driving on public roads, with 2.5 million km in fully driverless mode.


ColumbiaCyngnFleet400x275Cyngn, which develops autonomous driving software for industrial and commercial enterprises, has announced it will team up with Columbia Vehicle Group to kick off production of a fleet of autonomous Columbia Stockchasers powered by Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite (EAS).


WaymoJBHunt400x275J.B. Hunt Transport Services has announced a long-term, strategic alliance with Waymo Via aimed to advance innovative efforts to integrate commercial autonomous driving technology in transportation and logistics. The goal is to complete fully autonomous transport in Texas within the next few years, the companies said.


Nuro3rdGen400x275Nuro, which develops autonomous zero-occupant delivery vehicles, has announced the third generation of its vehicle. The new flagship model, called Nuro, is part of the company’s plans to scale its autonomous delivery services to millions of consumers across the U.S.


IndyChallenge PolyMOV400x275Team PoliMOVE, with participants from Politecnico di Milano (Italy) and the University of Alabama has won the Autonomous Challenge @ CES, a continuation of last year’s Indy Autonomous Challenge that pitted autonomous race cars in a head-to-head competition. Held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway with a field of five teams from five countries representing seven universities, PoliMOVE took home the $150,000 grand prize.


CESTakeaways400x275CES is always one of the biggest trade shows of the year, where companies from all different sectors come to Las Vegas to show off their latest innovations. Companies that make robots, drones and self-driving cars are among those that have attended in recent years, and this year was no different. While several big companies pulled out of the show due to COVID-related concerns, there were still enough announcements in the space to make people talk about what’s coming next in technology.


LumotiveZKW lidar400x275At this week’s CES 2022 event in Las Vegas, Lumotive and ZKW Group unveiled a functional demonstration of Lumotive’s lidar technology integrated with a ZKW vehicle headlight. The demonstration coupled Lumotive’s Meta-Lidar Platform with ZKW’s advanced vehicle lighting technology to produce a headline with superior road illumination capabilities while also providing 3D sensing for advanced safety and autonomy features.


InnovizLandscape400x275Israel-based Innoviz Technologies has announced the launch of its next-generation lidar sensor, the Innoviz360. The third-generation of its lidar sensor will be offered alongside Innoviz’s perception software, which converts the raw point cloud data into high-quality outputs for object detection, classification and tracking. Samples are expected to be available in Q4 2022.


Mobileye EyeQ Ultra400x275Intel’s Mobileye division has announced the EyeQ Ultra, a system-on-chip (SoC) designed for autonomous driving applications. Unveiled during CES 2022, the EyeQ Ultra maximizes effectiveness and efficiency at only 176 TOPS, which the company said makes it the industry’s leanest autonomous vehicle (AV) chip. The first silicon for the EyeQ Ultra SoC is expected at the end of 2023, with full automotive-grade production in 2025.


Udelv400x275Udelv has announced the launch of the Transporter, a cabless autonomous electric delivery vehicle aimed at multi-stop delivery tasks. The vehicle will be on display at this week’s CES 2022 event in Las Vegas.


TuSimpleTruck400x275TuSimple, which develops autonomous driving technology, has announced it successfully completed the world’s first fully autonomous semi-truck run on open public roads without a human in the vehicle, and without human intervention. Taking place on December 22, the run involved a TuSimple upfitted autonomous semi-truck leaving a railyard in Tucson, Ariz., and traveling more than 80 miles on surface streets and highways at night, safely arriving at a high-volume distribution center in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


GreenPowerAVStar400x275GreenPower Motor Company, a manufacturer and distributor of zero-emission electric-powered vehicles serving the cargo, delivery, shuttle, transit and school bus markets, has announced its AV Star will be used as a demo vehicle at CES 2022 as part of Perrone Robotics’ Innovation Alley demonstration track.


Zeekr Waymo400x275Zeekr, a brand of China’s Geely Holding Group, has announced it will collaborate with Waymo to develop a new pure-electric vehicle for deployment in the Waymo One  autonomous ride-hailing fleet in the U.S.


AnsysCES 400x275Pittsburgh-based Ansys has announced it will showcase how simulation solutions are paving the way for sustainable mobility during next week’s CES 2022 in Las Vegas. The company said it will present industry-leading initiatives in electrification, autonomy, and connected mobility.


MORAI SIM400x275MORAI, which develops full-stack autonomous driving simulation technology, has announced it will unveil MORAI SIM Cloud at next week’s CES 2022. The technology uses the cloud to build a myriad of simulation environments without hardware restrictions, enabling simultaneous testing.