November 16, 2022

CyngynStockChaser400x275Cyngn, which develops autonomous driving software for industrial and commercial applications, has announced it was awarded a contract to provide its self-driving Stockchaser vehicles for U.S. Continental, a manufacturer of leather and fabric care products. U.S. Continental said it will use the Stockchasers powered by Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite to transport pallets of materials throughout its main manufacturing plant in Corona, Calf., starting in early 2023.

“Our facility spans multiple buildings, which is why we needed a solution that would enable us to autonomously  move pallets across our campus,” said David Williams, CEO of U.S. Continental. “Cyngn’s autonomous stockchaser works both indoors and outdoors, making it an excellent fit for our needs. According to our research, there were very few solutions that could work in both environments, so when we found Cyngn, we knew we were onto something.”

Cyngn’s DriveMod Kit can be installed on new industrial vehicles at end of line, or via retrofit, letting customers seamlessly adopt self-driving technology into their operations without high upfront costs or the need to completely replace their existing vehicle investments, the company said. THe EAS includes DriveMod (autonomous vehicle system), Cyngn Insight (customer-facing suite of vehicle management, teleoperation and analytics tools), and Cyngn Evolve (an internal tool kit that enables Cyngn to leverage data from the field for artificial intelligence, simulation and modeling).

“We are excited about the opportunity to help U.S. Continental overcome current supply chain challenges, increase productivity, and reduce operating costs through the implementation of our Enterprise Autonomous Suite,” said Lior Tal, CEO of Cyngn. “This is a critical time for manufacturers to stay competitive through the utilization of industrial automation to adapt to a changing business landscape. We are pleased to have secured another revenue-generating win.”

U.S. Continental said it plans to adopt warehouse automation in order to meet growing demand and address supply chain issues and labor shortages.

For more information on the Cyngn technology, visit its website here.