June 23, 2022

BearRobotics Abuela400x275Abuelo’s Mexican Restaurant has announced that its Rogers, Ark., location has deployed a Servi hospitality robot from Bear Robotics in a pilot program designed to give human servers a helping hand and more time to interact with guests. The restaurant chain said it is exploring the Servi’s ability to improve guest satisfaction, increase efficiency and help retain restaurant staff in a tight labor market.

Servi performs repetitive tasks in the dining room, such as running food and drinks to guests as soon as those items are ready, and helping servers bus tables and return dishes to the back of the house for washing. The robot helps reduce physical demands on servers, allowing them to focus on providing better service and have quality interactions with guests. The restaurant chain said the robot is not intended to replace servers, but rather to provide assistance, automate routine tasks and make their jobs easier, especially during busy times.

“Since our first restaurant opening in 1989, it’s been our mission to provide superior service to every Abuelo’s guest,” said Robert Lin, president of Abuelo’s. “We’ve explored many innovations over the years to improve the guest experience, and the Servi pilot program is the latest test of how we can use technology to enhance efficiency while providing the best service in the industry.”

The robot, engineered by Bear Robotics, combines agile movement with versatile design. The robot includes an advanced lidar sensor and multiple cameras to allow Servi to sense obstacles and navigate spaces easily and safely, such as when it is carrying trays of food and drinks to guests while avoiding any person or barrier that crosses its path.

“Our vision is to elevate hospitality by automating the hustle behind it,” said John Ha, founder and CEO of Bear Robotics. “Restaurant servers are hardworking people who provide memorable moments for guests. At forward-thinking restaurants like Abuelo’s, Servi hospitality robots don’t replace restaurant staff, but they do help servers provide an incredible dining experience.”

For more details on the robots, visit the Bear Robotics website here.