May 18, 2022

SeegridHelpCenter400x275Seegrid, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for material handling companies, has announced launching its Seegrid Help Center. The new customer resource and online knowledge base gives customers in logistics, e-commerce, and manufacturing exclusive access to specialized insights, product information, and innovative mobile automation use cases curated by Seegrid’s engineering, service, and support teams.

“Our robots and software are proven, having safely driven more than seven million autonomous miles while moving billions of pounds of materials in our customers’ highly dynamic, complex industrial environments,” said Jim Rock, CEO at Seegrid. “Every autonomous mile and pound moved represents real-world knowledge and expertise, making Seegrid uniquely capable of helping our customers succeed with mobile automation.”

The Help Center complements Seegrid’s training, service, and support offerings. The online platform offers a personalized experience for end users, and is available 24x7, providing the ability to self-serve on several topics and categories, such as AMR models to support, optimize, and advance the use of their Seegrid mobile automation solution.

“Our customers are always looking to stay ahead and safely raise productivity levels, and we are committed to enabling our customers to achieve these goals with automation,” said Rock. “Now, our customers can leverage Seegrid automation solutions for the competitive advantage while also funneling our extensive, collective expertise across entire networks of operators.”

For more details on Seegrid and its offerings, visit its website here.