May 17, 2022

TeksboticsSaudiArabia400x275Hong Kong-based Teksbotics has announced it started a pilot of last-mile autonomous delivery in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technologies (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. It has partnered with Alshrouq Express for the project, which aims to design and build a cost-effective autonomous delivery vehicle for the last-mile delivery of e-commerce orders.

In the pilot project, a purpose-built last-mile delivery vehicle, known as UNO Commuter, was designed and developed by Teksbotics in accordance with requirements collected in Saudi Arabia. The autonomous vehicle is equipped with mechanical lidars, semi-solid-state lidars, camera, dGPS and an on-board driving control unit. The vehicle provides delivery services from the KAUST campus mail room to the KAUST Island Residence Area.

“This project will permit us to better understand how residents respond to the autonomous deliveries and what will be the user experience and acceptance,” said Ahmad Khanfar, CEO of Alshrouq Express, which works with both Amazon and “We look forward to seeing how autonomous delivery can work along with Alshrouq to satisfy our company and our customers’ needs.”

For more information about Teksbotics and its self-driving and artificial intelligence solutions, visit its website here.