May 5, 2022

BerkshireGrey BGFlex400x275Berkshire Grey, which develops artificial intelligence-enabled robots to help automate supply chain processes, has announced the general availability of its next-generation mobile robotic platform, BG FLEX.

The platform includes dynamically controlled fleets of mobile robots that work together to induct, transport, sort, sequence, and fulfill items, cases, or containers of merchandise. The system now integrates with new high-density buffering capabilities and enhanced goods-to-person and goods-to-robot picking stations within a single modular package. The company said retailers can convert any floor into a flexible any-to-any induct-to-discharge sortation system and implement fulfillment systems for any environment, ranging from back-of-store to stand-alone micro-fulfillment centers, all the way up to distribution center implementations.

“Retail enterprises that approach their supply chains holistically can save millions of dollars and take care of customers faster and more profitably by investing in mobile robotic automation,” said Steve Johnson, chief operating officer at Berkshire Grey. “This generation of our AI-enabled mobile robotic platform harnesses mobile swarm technology, integrated buffer, and robotic picking along with advances in software and hardware performance that transform fulfillment operations at their core.”

The company said examples of how BG FLEX can transform fulfillment operations include:

“More so than other warehouse robotics vendors, Berkshire Grey addresses the intense challenges thrust upon warehouses struggling with essential consumer product deliveries,” said Sankara Narayanan, a senior industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan. “BG customers are well-positioned to embrace new, secular shifts in both consumer demand and labor constraints.”

For additional details on the new BG FLEX system, visit the Berkshire Grey website here.