December 6, 2021

Logitrans MiR 400x275Denmark’s Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), and Logitrans A/S, which manufactures material handling equipment, have announced a strategic collaboration to build autonomous pallet jacks. Designed to safely, efficiently and autonomously lift pallets directly from the ground, the autonomous pallet jack will combine MiR’s autonomous navigation and software capabilities with the functionality of electric pallet jacks developed by Logitrans.

The companies said the new autonomous pallet jacks will supplement MiR’s current heavy-payload mobile robots, which can transport pallets and goods smoothly and safely among people and other transport equipment in dynamic surroundings. While MiR’s existing robots can pick up pallets from specially designed pallet racks, the company said many of its customers are requesting AMRs that can pick up and deliver pallets from the ground. The collaboration will enable both companies to meet customer demands while also creating new business opportunities, MiR said.

“Our mission has always been to transform the way companies handle internal logistics so they can be more productive and competitive – and this new initiative is another giant step forward in doing so,” said Søren E. Nielsen, president of MiR. “Combining our software competencies with Logitrans’ decades of hardware knowledge will help us to quickly fill this gap so we can support our customers throughout their entire value chain.”

Logitrans said it also sees an increased demand to automate existing pallet moving processes. “We know that the material handling industry is moving towards automation,” said Gitte Kirkegaard, CEO of Logitrans. “It is part of our identity to always be in front regarding product development within our business range. Being able to automate our products will help us maintain our leading position. We do not have the in-house capabilities for this type of product, so the collaboration with MiR is a great match for us.”

MiR said the companies will make a fully automated and semi-automated autonomous pallet jack, with the same hardware equipment from Logitrans and the same advanced navigation technology and fleet software from MiR’s traditional AMRs. “When these AMR pallet jacks come to market, companies can rely on MiR as a solution provider for most of their intralogistics needs,” said Nielsen. “Collaborating with Logitrans will help us meet the increasing demands for these offerings even sooner, which in turn will help our customers reach their business goals.”

For more details on MiR, visit its website here. To learn more about Logitrans, visit its website here.