October 5, 2021

OttoSiemens400x275OTTO Motors, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) has announced a partnership with Siemens Canada, which develops digital transformation software. The company will develop high-performance collaborative mobile robot control to physical asset tracking using real time location systems (RTLS). The RTLS is Siemens’ latest technology that uses a scalable locating system designed for industrial applications.

“Siemens’ global presence and breadth of product portfolio has been clear to us for as long as we’ve been in business,” said Ryan Gariepy, CTO of OTTO Motors. “Using Siemens controllers to power OTTO fleets will allow our AMRs to achieve a new level of driving performance without compromising safety. For our customers, this means maximum productivity and better ROI.”

OTTO’s AMRs are designed for material handling tasks within manufacturing facilities and warehouses. The combination of ease-of-use and software suite ensures that OTTO AMRs can deliver value in short order and easily scale to manage complex deployments, OTTO said.

“Siemens RTLS systems will enable OTTO Motors’ customers to dynamically locate autonomous mobile robots and other assets with up to 30 cm accuracy,” said Joris Myny, senior vice president of digital industries at Siemens Canada. “The result is an optimized fleet and precise AMR routing as well as enhanced bottleneck and collision avoidance. Any asset or person with an RTLS transponder can be seen and tracked, which opens up additional asset tracking use cases beyond the AMR implementation.”

Siemens said it customized its industrial controller development toolchain to allow OTTO to develop, test and deploy controls code to better align with the needs of mobile autonomous systems. This lets OTTO develop, validate, and deploy everything from minor improvements to entirely new robots into productions about four times faster than previously possible.

For more details on OTTO Motors and their AMR offerings, visit their website here. To learn more about Siemens Canada, visit its website here.