September 30, 2021

PuduFlashBot400x275China’s Pudu Robotics has announced the global launch of its first-generation building delivery robot. FlashBot is the latest autonomous mobile robot from the company, armed with advanced Internet of Things technology for building delivery service. This includes the ability of the robot to take an elevator to provide safe and reliable room delivery for hotels and office buildings, giving customers a contactless delivery option.

By setting up an operating instruction via an app, FlashBot can automatically call and take the elevator safely without manual intervention, said Pudu Robotics. The robot can also remind customers to pick up food and parcels by sending a message with the pickup code, or calling the customer directly. With its built-in autonomous positioning and navigation system, cross-floor delivery is made easier, the company said.

The FlashBot is equipped with three top-tier built-in RGB-D camera sensors, and customized lidar SLAM for in-depth obstacle avoidance, including 3D mapping and localization, path planning, autonomous navigation, object recognition and people tracking features. Pudu said FlashBot can detect obstacles as low as 3 cm, and suspended obstacles at a height of 70 cm from the floor. 

The newly upgraded auto-level six-wheel independent linkage suspension on the FlashBot can adjust the damping based on different floor conditions, the company added. This allows the robot to always remain in the optimal stable state to move and navigate smoothly. In addition, the PUDU Scheduler system allows FlashBot to directly communicate with any Pudu robot in the same network; the scheduler can also support up to 20 robots to work together.

The robot can automatically provide a voice alert and UI notification when the battery is low, and it returns to a docking station simultaneously. The company said FlashBot has an ultra-long battery life, with a capacity of 15.6Ah on a single charge, allowing it to last up to 12 hours.

A multifunctional compartment maximizes space utilization for packages and orders, and includes a UV germicidal lamp with a sterilization rate up to 99.9%.

“We are committed to the ‘Spirit of Invention’ on a mission to use robots to improve the efficiency of human production and living,” said Felix Zhang, founder of Pudu Robotics. “With the most advanced technology and powerful drive for innovation, we will continue to develop practical robotics solutions that lead smart living into people’s lives.”

For more details on the robot, visit the Pudu Robotics website here.