February 26, 2021

Robotnik RB CAR 400x275Barcelona-based Robotnik has provided some additional details on updates to its RB-CAR, an all-terrain autonomous vehicle it has developed. The vehicle has been designed to carry heavy loads and people, with autonomous and collaborative features to help make tasks in transporting heavy loads more safe.

The company said the RB-CAR is a great solution for applications such as surveillance and security, people or goods transport, service robotics, and autonomous driving research. While the robot can be programmed to navigate autonomously, it can also be teleoperated with a joystick or steering wheel, and it has front and rear drum brakes that allow it to stop immediately. The control architecture is open-source and modular, based on the Robot Operating System (ROS).

In addition, the robot can mount any standard accessory (Hokuyo laser, SICK laser, 3D lidar, DGPS kits, etc.), as well as any sensor required by a customer. Internal connectivity includes both USB and RS-232, and external (USB, RJ-45, DC/DC voltage) by demand supports a quick connection of components.

Additional features include:

  • Dimensions: 2.727 x 1.444 x 2.082 mm
  • Weight: 800 Kg
  • Payload: 2 people + 227 kg in the rear box
  • Speed: 35 Km/h
  • Autonomy: Up to 70 km
  • Temperature range: 0° to +40°C
  • Maximum slope: 30%
  • Batteries: Lead Acid 240Ah@48V>
  • Traction motors: 7,5 Kw AC 
  • Traction system: Ackermann, Rear Wheel / 4 Wheel traction
  • Towing capacity: 680 KG

Control features include:

  • Controller: Open architecture ROS / PC with Linux integrated
  • Communication: WiFi 802.11n
  • Connectivity: Internal: USB, RS232, RJ45, Power source 12, 24 VDC and battery

More information can be requested herea full datasheet is also available.

Founded in 2002, Robotnik designs, manufactures and markets mobile robots and mobile manipulators. They are currently a reference company in mobile robotics, with a presence in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, the U.S., Franc, Germany and Italy.

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