February 9, 2021

SeegridPalionLine400x275Pittsburgh-based Seegrid has introduced its Palion AMR product family, the newest line of mobile robots aimed at providing automated material flow for companies. The Palion Pallet Truck Series 8, with auto-charging features and enhanced pallet staging, joins the Palion Tow Tractor Series 7 as products within this line.

The company said Palion is the new label for its new and forthcoming AMRs. “Our customers span the global supply chain and are looking to accelerate productivity amidst pressures to reduce costs and improve safety,” said Jim Rock, CEO of Seegrid. “It’s a challenge we at Seegrid are uniquely equipped to solve, and we are very proud of our demonstrated track record helping some of the largest global brands in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and e-commerce realize the full potential of AMR technology.”

The Palion Pallet Truck Series 8 includes lane staging capabilities, which autonomously identifies, builds and depletes lanes for precise, efficient pickup and drop-off of palletized goods. The auto-charge feature removes a costly and dangerous human touchpoint, and boosts productivity by automating the scheduling, dispatch, and charging to keep operations running 24-by-7, the company said.

“Now more than ever, our customers need flexible and reliable end-to-end automation solutions to safely move materials in their dynamic environments,” said Jeff Christensen, vice president of product at Seegrid. “Seegrid Palion AMRs are designed specifically to help customers improve safety, increase throughput, and address labor shortages.”

Seegrid recently reported that it doubled revenue year-over-year for two years in a row, and it said it projects continued increased growth and demand for its automation solutions in the year ahead.