Mobile (AMRs)

InOrbitWebinar400x275InOrbit, which develops cloud-based software to help companies manage and orchestrate their robotics deployments, has announced a webinar to showcase the features and functions of its platform and how it relates to robotics operations, also known as RobOps. The free webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26, 2021, at 8 a.m. PT.



ViaBot400x275ViaBot, a robotics startup automating maintenance and management to large properties, has announced its public launch with $6.1 million in funding. The company also disclosed a key partnership with Cushman & Wakefield, which has deployed ViaBot’s RUNO robots to properties in the San Francisco Bay Area for sweeping and security services.


NextShiftRobotics400x275JASCI Software, which develops software-as-a-service warehouse management software, has announced the acquisition of NextShift Robotics, an autonomous mobile robot maker based in Lowell, Mass. As a result of the acquisition, NextShift will operate as JASCI Robotics, focused on innovating warehousing and logistics, the companies said in a statement. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.


FetchFamily400x275Fetch Robotics has announced that its suite of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) conforms with ANSI / RIA R15.08, the safety standard for industrial mobile robots. Fetch says this ensures that Fetch’s AMRs can be safely utilized in all current use cases throughout warehouses, factories, distribution centers and fulfillment centers.


MiR Florisa400x275Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has announced a 55% increase in sales during Q1 2021, compared to the same period last year. The company said a large number of its Q1 sales are for the MiR250, the company’s latest and most compact AMR, with several orders from multinational organizations looking to invest in large fleets of robots as they automate material handling and internal logistics.


BrainCameraSecurity400x275For many people, cameras in public spaces imply surveillance due to how they have been used traditionally (e.g., traffic cameras, retail security cameras, etc.). But for companies in the autonomous mobile robotics industry, cameras are used for the purpose of helping self-driving robots navigate the world around them in a safe and efficient manner. For these technology providers, an ongoing challenge is to build public trust and help reshape preconceived notions regarding the use of camera images.


EnvisionMochi 400x275Envision Group has launched Mochi, a mass-produced, mobile smart charging robot that is 100% powered by green electricity. The new device, unveiled at Envision’s Net Zero Day in Shanghai, will be commercially available in June 2021.


KnightscopeDimensionFunding400x275Knightscope, which develops advanced physical security technologies using fully autonomous robots for security operations, has announced it has secured up to $10 million in financing for its operations and to help clients with financing robot subscription agreements.

DiligentKendraScott400x275Fashion accessories designer Kendra Scott has announced a partnership with Diligent Robotics, developer of the Moxi hospital robot assistant, to deploy the robots with pediatric patients through its Kendra Cares program. The robot will help provide social, emotional, and cognitive development while caregivers connect via an app.


SimbeSaveMart400x275The Save Mart Companies has announced launching a pilot program with Simbe Robotics to deploy several of Simbe’s autonomous inventory robots, known as Tally, in select Save Mart, Lucky/Lucky California, and FoodMaxx stores in the Modesto and East Bay areas of California.

KnightscopeVicor400x275Knightscope, which develops advanced physical security robots, has announced it selected Vicor to power its future fifth-generation of autonomous security robots. Victor develops high-performance power modules for use in industrial equipment, automation, robotics, UAVs, vehicles, satellites, and aerospace and defense applications.

GeekPlusRobotSorting400x275Geek+, which develops robotic automation solutions, has announced a successful collaboration with Asda Logistics Services and AMH Material Handling to launch an intelligent sorting system in Asda’s distribution center. The new system provides Asda with the capacity to support continued growth across its parcel collection and returns business, the companies said in a statement.

Kiwibot 400x275Kiwibot, a robotic delivery service that has completed more than 150,000 robot deliveries in Santa Monica, Calif., and other locations, has announced the launch of its next-generation Kiwibot 4.0. The company plans to expand deliveries to other cities beginning in May and has partnered with Chick-fil-a to pilot robot deliveries with the fast-food chicken giant.

CarbonRobotics400x275Carbon Robotics has unveiled its third-generation autonomous weed elimination robots. The Autonomous Weeder combines robotics, artificial intelligence and laser technology to safely and effectively drive through crop fields to identify, target, and eliminate weeds. 

WaypointProductive400x275Waypoint Robotics has teamed up with Productive Robotics to create a mobile manipulation robot aimed at small and midsize companies. The combination takes Waypoint’s omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with the 7-axis collaborative robot arm from Productive to create a mobile manipulator for manufacturing and logistics applications. Workers can use the mobile platform to perform repetitive tasks such as machine tending, quality assurance sampling, material replenishment, packaging, among other tasks.


SICK scangrid2 400x275SICK has announced the scanGrid2, a safe multibeam scanner that uses solid-state lidar technology designed for small autonomous and line-guided transport vehicles. Certified as a Type 2/SIL 1 safety sensor (IEC 61496-3), the scanGrid2 can protect hazardous areas up to performance level C, and works well for collision avoidance. An app and cloning function also ensure a high level of uptime and fast fleet deployment, SICK said.