July 21, 2022

Blueprint ReachRobotics400x275Blueprint Lab Pty Ltd., based in Sydney, Australia, has announced it will change its corporate name to Reach Robotics to reflect the company’s mission and technologies. The company creates advanced robotic arm solutions for harsh environments, enabling inspection and intervention in maritime infrastructure management, military and police operations, among other tasks.

“The name ‘Reach Robotics’ provides greater clarity to the market about the company’s core technology and better captures our team’s vision,” said Anders Ridley-Smith, commercial director of Blueprint Lab. “We have secured commercial trademark rights to the ‘Reach Robotics’ name and are excited to operate on this basis in our key markets.”

Blueprint Lab was established in late 2016 with the aim to revolutionize robotics for harsh environments, remove people from harm and increase the productivity of remote systems. Since then, the company has grown to more than 40 employees, has a global sales and support footprint, and a strong research and development capability. 

The company said there would be no change to the underlying team or its vision and mission. “We have grown a lot in the five years since the company was founded, and whilst we have a subsea pedigree, we are moving rapidly into harsh environments in all domains,” said Paul Phillips, managing director. “Now is the right time to align our name with the full scope of what we do. We have the same vision – to extend human reach into harsh environments – but an expanded strategy, including intervention solutions designed for land and space domains and increasing global market penetration.”

Blueprint Lab/Reach Robotics makes underwater ROV grippers and grabbers, manipulator arms, rotators and subsea cameras as part of its portfolio. For more details on the company, visit its website here.

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