June 7, 2022

QYSEA AI VisionLock400x275QYSEA Technology has announced an AI-based vision platform that allows its FIFISH Underwater Robots to achieve precise underwater active visual locking capabilities. The new capabilities aim to improve tasks such as 4K filming, operational work, and deep-sea inspections for remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The QYSEA AI Platform includes several adaptive position and vision locking systems for all FIFISH ROVs, the company said. Among the new features, the system can visually secure onto selected targets across any underwater environment with ease and precision. Users just need to press on the area of interest on their app screen, and the ROV intuitively adjusts its position, locking the target at the screen's center.

Once locked onto the target, the FIFISH can intuitively readjust its position to the original point of focus should the posture of the ROV – including pitch, direction and rolls – is changed due to outside elements.

QYSEA said the key technology is its Dead Reckoning Inertial Navigation System (DR-INS), the company’s ROVs utilize a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to measure the acceleration and angular velocity of objects in motion, which results in a stabilized and smooth real-time target locking, the company added. This technology has been used mainly in aircraft, submarines, missiles and space shuttles, with QYSEA applying this technology now to ROVs.

Other examples where the technology can be useful include emergency search and rescue, highway and bridge inspections, and to provide inspections for offshore wind power stations.

For more details on the system, visit the QYSEA website here.

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