July 30, 2021

4ocean Be bot400x2754ocean has announced the arrival of the BeBot, an eco-friendly beach-cleaning robot that mechanically sifts sand to remove plastic waste and other debris without harming the local environment. The goal of the system is to restore coastlines while preserving the natural environment.

Manufactured by Poralu Marine, the BeBot is designed to be less harmful to beaches than traditional beach-cleaning methods, which include heavy-duty equipment like tractors to rake the sand, or labor-intensive manual sifters. 4ocean said other methods can trigger beach erosion, harm fauna and flora present in the sand, or leave plastic waste behind because it’s too small or too deep in the sand to capture.

The 100% electric BeBot includes solar panels to charge its battery, and can clean areas up to 3,000 square-meters per hour. It can recover trash as small as 1 square-centimeter, and sifts sand up to 10 cm deep. The robot includes treads and wheels that can rotate for precision turning.

4ocean said that over the next few weeks, the company will be testing BeBot on beaches near its South Florida headquarters. It also plans to deploy an additional BeBot to Hawaii, supporting local partners and existing cleanup initiatives on the island of Oahu.

For more details on the robot, visit this 4ocean website.

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