May 19, 2021

ThayerMahan400x275ThayerMahan, which develops autonomous maritime security solutions, has announced its acquisition of Wingman Defense, an artificial intelligence startup based in Park City, Utah. The acquisition will help the company to apply machine learning tools to help customers in government and industry monitor the safety and security of ports, harbors and other marine areas.

Founded in 2016, ThayerMahan has developed patented technology in acoustics, electronic sensing, autonomy, communications and data management, while providing Maritime Domain Awareness solutions to clients in government, industry, and academia. Its SeaWatch system includes an autonomous electronic surveillance package mounted on an autonomous surface vessel, which can detect electronic emissions related to illicit maritime activity. The company also developed the SeaScout, a towed underwater vehicle that uses synthetic aperture sonar to scan the ocean floor and other areas for defense and research purposes.

“With the acquisition of Wingman Defense, ThayerMahan completed its goal of vertically integrating its ability to collect, curate, disseminate, and apply machine learning tools to ocean acoustic information and precision seabed survey,” said Mike Connor, president and CEO of ThayerMayan. “Wingman’s AI capability will help ThayerMahan’s global customers in government and industry improve the efficiency with which they monitor the safety of ports, harbors, seabed infrastructure, marine protected areas, and vital sea lanes.”

“The Wingman Defense team are delighted to be joining ThayerMahan’s mission to establish leadership in maritime data collection, processing, and intelligence,” said John O’Malia, president and CEO of Wingman Defense. “The ThayerMahan team’s unparalleled expertise in the maritime domain, and their unique data sets and acquisition platforms are the perfect complement for our AI capability.”

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