July 27, 2022

ABB IRB 365 bottle 400x275ABB has announced an expansion to its FlexPicker Delta robot series with the new IRB 365. The five-axis robot can handle payloads up to 1.5 kg and is designed for reorienting packaged lightweight products such as cookies, chocolates, peppers, candies, small bottles and parcels, among other items.

WIth the rise in e-commerce demand for shelf-ready packaged goods, the IRG 365 was developed for applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods markets, where production line speed and adaptability are essential.

“The IRB 365 can pick, reorient and place 1 kg products at 120 picks per minute,” said Roy Fraser, global product manager at ABB Robotics. “Our customers saw that the growth in online shopping was driving the demand for shelf-ready packaged goods, so we developed a new Delta robot that would rise to the challenge. By handling more products per minute, the IRB 365 robot increases productivity, while saving time and energy to make production more efficient.”

ABB IRB 365 300pxAdditional applications include product reorienting, top-loading and secondary packaging, bottle handling, unscrambling, 3D picking, feeding and parcel sorting. The robot is powered by ABB’s OmniCore C30 controller, which the company said is the smallest Delta robot controller on the market. Features include motion control, built-in digital connectivity, and more than 1,000 additional software and hardware functions ready to meet future demands and requirements.

With ABB’s PickMaster Twin software, the IRB 365 can be integrated into packaging lines in a matter of hours rather than days, thanks to the digital twin technology that also reduces changeover times from hours to minutes, ABB said. It can also be paired with other robots, including the IRB 390, to pick, handle and pack payloads that weigh from a few grams up to 15 kg.

For more details on the FlexPicker IRB 365, visit this ABB website.

Additional photos:

ABB IRB365 veg 800px

The robot can help pick and reorient vegetables such as peppers.

ABB IRB365 OnEdge800px

The IRB 365 includes the ability to pick and place objects like cookies.

ABB IRB365 800 consumer goods

Reorientation of consumer goods products are part of the robot's abilities.


ABB IRB 365 parcel800px

The IRB 365 Delta robot can also provide small parcel sorting functions, with a payload up to 1.5 kg.