May 10, 2022

FlexivRDK400x275Flexiv, which develops intelligent general-purpose robots, has announced the release of its Robotic Development Kit (RDK), which provides users with a toolkit to enhance how their robot works, as well as let them create customized applications easier.

The RDK uses customizable, simple-to-use APIs so users can completely control an adaptive robot and make instant program modifications or integrate external hardware and software, Flexiv said. The system includes the ability to issue multiple commands, execute high-level tasks, and invoke various skills in order to create custom applications, including teleoperation, dual-arm tasks, and autonomous mobile work.

The development kit also includes technical documentation and on-demand assistance from Flexiv’s team of experts, which lets beginners jump into programming and learn on the fly to improve their skills. More experienced programmers can use the kit to leverage existing code through a wide array of library files, or create tailor-made programs using C++ and Python.

“Flexiv’s RDK brings about a fresh experience on the programming of complex robotic systems,” said Xiyang Yeh, co-founder and chief technology officer at Flexiv. “The kit provides users with the flexibility to not only use existing capabilities of our robots, but also implement custom behaviors to meet their application needs.”

Flexiv said the RDK has already been used by customers in academia, and industries that include manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.

For more details on Flexiv and its technologies, visit its website here.