September 21, 2021

MujinController400x275Mujin, a Japan-based industrial robotics company that is adding machine intelligence to robots, has established a U.S-based division, Mujin Corp., and opened its first office in North America. Located north of Atlanta in Sandy Springs, Ga., the office will include the company’s expanding engineering, sales and support staff, including the Mujin co-founder and Mujin Corp. CEO, Ross Diankov. 

The company’s flagship product, the Mujin Controller, offers an all-purpose intelligent robotc control system. The controller uses real-time perception, motion planning and universal control to create robots that can handle complex logistics tasks, which were previously not possible. This includes the need for coding or “teaching” a robot, the company said. The Mujin Controller can manage any robotic application by guiding the movement of any robot arm via machine intelligence, a category of artificial intelligence that automatically manages potential downtime scenarios through autonomous motion planning and perception, without the need for human intervention.

“Companies that want to automate mundane and repetitive material-handling tasks face a myriad of challenges, from the high costs of developing solutions for their difficult applications, to unscheduled downtime and reprogramming costs when things don’t go as planned, or when robots must be reprogrammed due to a change in product or workflow,” said Diankov. “As some of the largest companies in Asia have experienced, Mujin will bring a new wave of robotics technology to the U.S. market, with robots no longer needing to be taught how to move explicitly. Instead, the robots will already ‘know’ what they need through what we call ‘machine intelligence,’ which enables more capability and efficiency for robot picking applications that were previously impractical or difficult to deploy.”

The company said machine intelligence is the fusion of real-time motion planning, perception, simulation, and control technologies. Unlike traditional ‘teach-based’ systems that require experts to program each movement, or machine learning systems that ‘learn’ how to pick items over time, machine intelligence creates a real-time decision-making capability that allows for truly autonomous, reliable and production-capable robot applications.

With the Mujin Controller, users begin by modeling the environment and setting relationships between the robots and target objects at a high level. The system then allows the robot to safely perform tasks by offering high-level goals without explicitly telling the robot where to go or how to move. “With the robot motion now computed in real time without human intervention, the system must understand the intuitions behind completing tasks and then positions them in a way that enables the robot to dynamically adapt to changing circumstances,” said Diankov. “With the mindset of machine intelligence, Mujin makes every robot more capable, efficient and reliable, and allows robots to perform practically any application with optimum efficiency.”

Mujin said it will showcase robot palletizing with autonomous mobile robot (AMR) pallet transport at the upcoming Pack Expo (Sept. 27-29). The demonstration will include a Mujin gripper capable of handling cases, slip sheets, and pallets to build multiple pallets into a single stack. Once the palletizing operation is complete, AMRs will deliver the full pallet to the pallet breakdown area. AMRs will also bring empty pallets and slip sheets to the work cell. The robot arm is equipped with 3D vision on the gripper to find the position of the pallets and slip sheets for the robot to pick. With the perception and motion planning capabilities, robots can autonomously perform these types of applications without added complexity, the company said.

For more details on Mujin, visit its website here.

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