July 2, 2021

FanucRobots400x275Two robot manufacturers have announced milestone deployments or shipments of its robots this week. Japan’s FANUC, which develops CNCs, robots and factory automation systems, announced the production of its 750,000th industrial robot, which it said represents a record high point in the industry. Meanwhile, China’s Geek+ announced it has sold 20,000 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) worldwide for global supply chain purposes.

FANUC said it is currently capable of producing 11,000 robots per month in fully automated factories that use its own robots to make other robots, controllers and machine tools. “With 750,000 robots installed globally, FANUC has become a household name in manufacturing,” said Mike Cicco, president and CEO of FANUC America.

The company’s customer base includes companies in automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, consumer goods, medical, pharmaceutical, and warehousing, among others. “Now more than ever, manufacturers are embracing automation and robotics to solve production challenges,” said Cicco. “I’m proud to say that FANUC is in a position to meet the growing demands for easy-to-use automation solutions that help our customers increase efficiencies, improve their competitive position, and realize a quick ROI. We look forward to helping as many companies as possible achieve their goals.”

GeekPlus CircleK 400pxGeek+ said it has automated the warehouses of some of the world’s most renowned brands over the last two years, including Decathlon, Nike, Circle K Hong Kong (right), Walmart, ASDA, and more. The company said it has the largest share of the global AMR market with operations in 30 countries and offices in the U.S., China, Germany, the U.K, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

“In past months, we’ve seen worldwide curiosity turn into action with numerous business leaders deciding to invest in intelligent automation,” said Yong Zheng, founder and CEO of Geek+. “For us, the rapid growth demonstrates our R&D team’s ability to develop world-class solutions and signals future opportunities to gather more industry know-how. Our goal is to improve our customer’s operation management and continue to drive change using advanced robotics and smart AI.

In addition to its established goods-to-person picking robot, Geek+ now offers a wide range of hardware solutions, including its bin-to-person RoboShuttle, as well as sorting, moving, and lifting robots. The company has more than 1,500 employees, and its very own third-party logistics services in China.