Industrial Robot Arms

LocusPlusOne400x275Plus One Robotics, which develops vision software for robotic picking, and Locus Robotics, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for fulfillment warehouses, have announced a collaboration to develop an automatic picking solution. The system will combine mobile robots and stationary picking arms designed to boost productivity in e-commerce fulfillment centers.


DexterityFundingDexterity, which creates intelligent robotic systems for logistics, warehouses, and supply chain companies, has announced it raised an additional $140 million in Series B equity funding and depth. The company said it will use the new capital to support the growth of the company as its first thousand robots are deployed into production. The latest funding raises Dexterity’s total capitalization over $200 million with a valuation of $1.4 billion.


Heidenhahn mrs400x275Heidenhain has announced a new MRS encoder module series for robot arms, with redesigned embedded bearings to better withstand outside tilting forces. The new compact and all-inclusive design also significantly simplifies the installation process, the company said.


SkylineRobotics Ozmo400x275Skyline Robotics has announced it has secured $6 million in funding to expand and deploy its Ozmo window-cleaning robots in North America. The company also announced the appointment of Michael Brown as CEO and chairman of the board, and Ross Blum as the company’s chief operating officer.


RoboTire400x275RoboTire, a Detroit-based automotive robotics and automation startup, has announced closing a $7.5 million Series A investment round, led by The Reinalt-Thomas Corporation, which does business as Discount Tire and America’s Tire. 


OKIElectricCable400x275OKI Electric Cable, a subsidiary of Japan’s OKI Group, launched sales of its Ultrafine diameter robot cable, ORP-30F, and Ultrafine diameter cable, OFV-30F. The cables offer industry-leading fineness for wiring in confined spaces inside industrial robots and machine tools.


CeleraInCoder400x275Celera Motion has announced a new device for precision angle measurement: a compact, ultra-lightweight inductive angle encoder that can be ideal for several surgical, medical, and industrial robotics. 


GrayMatter400x275GrayMatter Robotics, which develops software and artificial intelligence algorithms to create smarter robotic assistants, has announced it raised $4.1 million in seed round funding. The round was co-led by Stage Venture Partners and Calibrate Ventures, with participation from 3M Ventures, OCA Ventures, Pathbreaker Ventures, and B Capital Group.


VeoRoboticsNewPartners400x275Veo Robotics, which develops systems to improve the safety and flexibility of industrial robots, has announced adding two more systems integrators to its Certified Systems Integrator Program. ABCO Automation and PDSI are the latest members of the program to help companies integrate Veo’s FreeMove system, a 3D safeguarding system that implements dynamic speed and separation monitoring to enable safe and effective human-robot collaboration.


SDP SI 042 400x275Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument (SDP/SI), which provides mechanical and electromechanical design, engineering, and precision manufacturing for motion and power transmission applications, has announced launching a series of frameless motors as a drop-in solution for robotics applications.


HoneywellSmartDepalletizer400x275Honeywell has announced a new robotic technology designed to help warehouses and distribution centers automate the manual process of unloading pallets, reducing the operational risks of potential injuries and labor shortages. The Honeywell Smart Flexible Depalletizer uses machine learning and advances in perception and gripping technologies to break down pallet loads.


AMP Recyco 400x275AMP Robotics, which develops robotics and artificial intelligence for the waste and recycling industry, has announced the installation of its first AI-guided robotics systems in the U.K. and Ireland with Recyco, a recycling and waste management business in Northern Ireland.


ABB IRB920TB 400x275ABB has announced expanding its range of SCARA robots with its new IRB 920T. Designed for high-speed production in the electronics industry, the IRB 920T offers the highest levels of speed, accuracy and repeatability for assembly, picking, and handling tasks, ABB said.


MujinController400x275Mujin, a Japan-based industrial robotics company that is adding machine intelligence to robots, has established a U.S-based division, Mujin Corp., and opened its first office in North America. Located north of Atlanta in Sandy Springs, Ga., the office will include the company’s expanding engineering, sales and support staff, including the Mujin co-founder and Mujin Corp. CEO, Ross Diankov. 


BerkshireGrey RPP 400x275Berkshire Grey, which develops AI-enabled robotics for automating supply chain processes, has announced global availability of its Robotic Pick and Pack (RPP) solutions. The systems can automate the picking and packing of items directly from inventory totes to outbound customer shipping packages, to improve operational efficiency for fulfillment centers, in addition to reducing shipping costs and lowering the environmental impact of e-commerce orders.


AmbiPitneyBowes400x275Ambi Robotics, which develops simulation-to-reality artificial intelligence for industrial robotics, has announced closing a $26 million Series A funding round. The new funding will be used to scale its team and operations to support rapid deployments of its sorting and kitting robots throughout U.S. supply chain operations.