May 5, 2021

HarmonicBionics400x275Harmonic Bionics, a robotics company that aims to augment human movement, has announced closing $7 million in Series A funding. The new funds will support the company’s clinical research efforts and enable an increase in product development to bringing its advanced upper extremity rehabilitation technology to market.

The funding round was led by KNet Investment Partners and Big Basin Capital, joined by DSC Investment, Smilegate Investment, Bass Investment, H Robotics, and JCurve Investment.

“We have confirmation from many in the field of rehabilitation, from both clinics and research labs, that Harmony SHR brings a truly novel approach to assessing and improving upper-body movement,” said Christopher Prentice, CEO of Harmonic Bionics. “Our unique robotic technology will first focus on assisting physical and occupational therapy for those with neurological or musculoskeletal disorders. Our exoskeleton was designed to provide precision in augmenting human movement by moving with the scapulohumeral rhythm. An exoskeleton that facilitates more natural human movements without rigid position control provides a level of safety that could open up the opportunity for robotics to be applied in many other industries.”

The Harmony SHR is a bilateral, upper-extremity exoskeleton designed to provide unique value in three areas of practice: neuroscience and movement science research, movement disorder assessment, and rehabilitation. The goal is to optimize upper extremity therapy with Harmony SHR by enabling early intervention, increasing functional repetition, and employing patient-specific intent-based therapy through novel exercises, Harmonic Bionics said.

The Austin, Texas-based company has begun a roadshow tour in Texas, conducting in-person demonstrations at rehabilitation hospitals and clinics throughout their home state. More details on the company and its technology can be found at its website.