September 13, 2022

AeroVironmentVapor400x275AeroVironment has announced the launch of its next-generation VAPOR Helicopter unmanned aircraft system (UAS), the VAPOR 55 MX. With a completely redesigned modular autonomy framework, the VAPOR 55 MX enables increased endurance and expanded payload capacity to meet current and emerging needs of defense, commercial and industrial customers.

The expanded modular payload bay can carry up to 12 pounds of payload with more than 70 minutes of flight endurance while still maintaining the 55-pound gross take-off weight (GTOW) restricted by the FAA for commercial customers. For military customers that require more take-off weight, the 55 MX can support a 65-pound GTOW and can carry up to 22 pounds of usable payloads with a reduced endurance trade-off, nearing the edge of Group 3 weight class, AeroVironment said.

“The new VAPOR 55 MX is an easy-to-maintain system that incorporates a highly versatile modular architecture and tool-free rail system for simple, efficient integration of third-party or custom payloads,” said Trace Stevenson, vice president and product line general manager for small UAS at AeroVironment. “[This allows] users to adapt to multi-sensor, multi-mission requirements including utility inspection, aerial surveying, public safety and defense applications.”

For more details about the new VAPOR 55 MX Helicopter UAS, visit the AeroVironment website here

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