August 30, 2022

AeroVironmentMantis400x275AeroVironment has announced its Mantis i23 D, a multi-sensor daytime imaging payload that is compatible with the Raven B small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS). The Mantis i23 D is an enhanced daylight variant of its predecessor, the Mantis i23, and uses the same modular interface to allow for quick and simple swapping between payloads with no software updates required to avionics or ground control systems.

Weighing 13.4 ounces (380 g), the ultralight imaging system features dual  18-megapixel electro-optical sensors and a class-leading 24x digital zoom, which provides four times improved target detection over the current Mantis i23 payload during daytime missions. WIth an advanced suite of sensors, extended zoom capability, onboard processing and digital imaging stabilization, the Mantis i23 D payload allows operators to increase aircraft standoff distance without compromising image quality, AeroVironment said.

“With the introduction of the next-generation Mantis payload, we have expanded the capabilities and adoption of the combat-proven Raven SUAS,” said Charles Dean, vice president of global business development, sales and marketing at AeroVironment. “Customers can now operate their Raven systems at a greater standoff distance than before, enabling eyes-on-target from several kilometers away and reducing the risk of the target detecting or hearing the SUAS overhead.”

For more details about the Mantis i23 D, as well as its product line of micro-gimbals, visit the AeroVironment website here. A datasheet can be downloaded here.