May 30, 2022

By Tom Atwood

OSS XpoBooth400x275At the One Stop Systems (OSS) booth at Xponential 2022, we saw several computer systems designed for use in autonomous vehicles of several types, or at ground stations. The San Diego-based company designs and manufactures edge computing modules and systems.

OSS’s vehicle systems are equipped with specialized high-performance edge computing equipment. This includes high-bandwidth data ingest components tied to a myriad of video, radar and lidar sensors, high-capacity and low-latency storage subsystems, as well as high-performance compute engines.

Michael Bradley, a commercial regional sales manager at OSS, noted that the company’s flagship product, the Rigel Edge Supercomputer (shown below), consists of three layers. The bottom layer holds AC or DC power supplies, the middle layer is the motherboard, which includes an AMD 7003 EPYC processor, and the top layer includes four NVIDIA A100 SXM GPUs with 28 AI inference engines and more. All of these components are placed in a lightweight ruggedized aluminum frame with a black anodized exterior. 

The system’s Redfish API management controller monitors temperature, fan speed, and other aspects of the system. The Rigel Edge Supercomputer is thermally optimized and MIL-STD-810G tested for ruggedness. 

For more details on the system and company, visit the OSS website here.


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