September 28, 2021

Citadel Titan DF 400x275Citadel Defense has announced it received three new counter unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) contracts from the U.S. government for their newest product, Titan Drone Finder (Titan DF). The latest solution allows operators to track drones, their flight path, and autonomously neutralize threats that cross a user-defined alert zone.

“We take every measure to compress the time and space required for operators to make a decision and take action against a threat in their airspace,” said Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense.

The company said its rapidly growing family of Titan C-UAS systems creates a distinct operational advantage for servicemen and servicewomen on the front lines. When defending against swarms and difficult-to-detect threats, AI-powered combat systems like Titan allow operators to identify and terminate enemy UAS threats with speed, accuracy, and reliability, the company added.

“Machines can perceive, decide, and act more quickly and accurately than humans in complex environments,” said Williams. “Citadel solutions autonomously clear the airspace of UAS threats, keeping servicemen and servicewomen available for other important tasks in high-risk and resource-constrained environments.”

Citadel said that results from recent government-sponsored C-UAS evaluations accelerated the contract awards. “In deployment overseas and in the U.S., users of Titan continue to unilaterally confirm the system outperforms competing Radio Frequency C-UAS capabilities at Fixed, Mobile, and in Dismounted operations – all at a lower cost that enables scaling of Force Protection where it is needed,” said Matt England, chief growth officer at Citadel.

Citadel added it has expanded its application programming interface (API), making drone and pilot location data accessible for layered defense systems and multiple command and control systems deployed across the military and government. For more details on the company, visit Drone Citadel’s website here.