July 6, 2021

MellerOptics400x275Meller Optics, a Providence, R.I.-based company that provides optics for defense, medical, laser and industrial markets, has announced custom fabricated sapphire windows and domes aimed at protecting cameras, detectors, and sensors on military and commercial drones designed for use in harsh environments.

The Meller Sapphire Windows & Domes provide optimum surface protection for vision systems used on drones due to their Mohs 9 hardness and resistance to chemicals, fast moving dirt and sand, and high heat, the company said. Featuring up to 85% transmission from the UV to IR, these windows and domes can include A/R coatings to enhance transmission to better than 99%, Meller said.

In addition, the windows and domes are capable of withstanding up to 1,000-degrees Celsius heat and pressures up to 10,000 psi. They are available in sizes ranging from 0.25-inches to 10-inch O.D. with varying wall thicknesses. Surface finishes from 60-40 to 40-20 scratch-dig, flatness held to 0.5 fringes of HeNe, and parallelism from 20 to 2 arc/sec can be provided depending upon configuration, Meller added.

Pricing is determined based on configuration, size, and quantity, with quotes available upon request. More details are available at the Meller Optics website.