April 1, 2021

ABB GasLeak400x275ABB has announced updates to its ABB Ability Mobile Gas Leak Detection System, HoverGuard, aimed at pipeline networks for industrial and domestic gas to detect leaks faster and more reliably.

HoverGuard detects, quantifies and maps leaks up to 100 meters from natural gas distribution and transmission pipelines, gathering lines, storage facilities, and other potential sources quickly, safely, and reliably, ABB said. The system automatically generates comprehensive digital reports that summarize results, which can be shared in minutes after a survey.

The UAV-based system also includes the ability to quantify the amount of methane, carbon dioxide and water vapor in the air continuously while flying. This response and high precision of the analyzer can allow scientists and researchers to reliably quantify greenhouse gas fluxes, which provide important information when studying environmental processes that affect climate and pollution, ABB said.

Cavity-enhanced laser absorption spectroscopy detects methane with a sensitivity more than 1,000 times higher and 10 times faster than conventional leak detection tools, the company added. This sensitivity and speed allow HoverGuard to detect leaks while flying at altitudes of 40 meters or higher, and at speeds greater than 88 km/h. ABB said the system can cover 10 to 15 times more land area per minute by operating on low-cost commercial UAVs that can carry payloads of 3 kg.

“HoverGuard represents an important step-change in gas leak detection and for the environment,” said Doug Baer, a global product line manager of laser analyzers at ABB. “Previously, inspectors had to rely on slow, qualitative, analog sensors or expensive delicate cameras to find leaks. Our groundbreaking solution effectively probes locations otherwise inaccessible by either walking or driving. It will increase safety across the pipeline network, whether in remote or urban environments, by detecting and mapping natural gas leaks around hard-to-reach sites such as bridges, areas with right-of-way restrictions or vegetation coverage, gas storage assets and pipelines.”

HoverGuard will complement ABB’s existing gas leak detection offering with the vehicle-based MObileGuard, handheld MicroGuard and stationary EverGuard (to be launched later this year). Each of the devices is designed to operate independently. Combining them gives customers a comprehensive platform to detect, map, and quantify leaks, ABB said. 

Additional details on HoverGuard can be found here, along with a PDF download brochure

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