March 4, 2021

Flirtey Eagle Delivery 1Flirtey, one of the pioneers in the commercial drone delivery space, has announced it completed the technology to certify and expand U.S. production of its drone delivery system for last-mile delivery. The company is also taking pre-orders for drone delivery systems for businesses that want to operate their own logistics for store-to-drone delivery for customers.

The company’s technology includes the Flirtey Eagle, an advanced drone that conducts precision delivery to homes and businesses; the Flirtey Portal, a take-off and landing platform that conducts scalable operations from storefronts; and an autonomous software platform that conducts autonomous flight operations. Flirtey said its technology solves the last-mile delivery problem with faster, lower cost and more convenient delivery, reducing CO2 emissions by taking vehicles off the roads. The company has been developing drone deliveries since 2015, and in February they announced they were delivering COVID-19 test kits via drone.

“Flirtey is certifying and expanding U.S. production of delivery drones to meet growing demand,” said Matthew Sweeny, CEO and founder of Flirtey. “Businesses that use Flirtey’s best-in-class technology for last-mile drone delivery become first-movers to unlock lower delivery costs and billions in potential new revenue.”

Flirtey said it has more than 1,000 patent claims across a portfolio of granted and provisional platforms and has conducted more than 6,000 flights to date. The company has implemented a parachute system that can safely deploy from the delivery altitude; the aircraft lowers packages on a tether, enabling safe and precision drone delivery to homes and businesses. The company said it completed the drone delivery system for FAA Type Certification and is working with the FAA and a select group of other companies to achieve the Type Certification.

The company previously raised $15 million in Series B Preferred Stock financing, which valued the company at approximately $100 million. Investors include Hancock Prospecting, Lowercase Capital, Woowa Brothers, Ace Investment Partners, Amity Ventures, Y Combinator, members of the Sierra Angels, former CEO of the Commonwealth Bank Ian Narev, former Australian Ambassador to the United States of America Joe Hockey and Melissa Babbage (a member of Flirtey's Board of Directors), and In-Q-Tel.

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