September 14, 2021

UnicornCodingToyLearning Resources, which develops educational toys, has announced Coding Critters MagiCoders, aimed at preschoolers to explore STEM concepts through storytelling as they cast spells with magical coding wands that build skills without screens.

Kids are able to press the magic wand’s arrow keys to enter code sequences that move either Skye (unicorn) or Blazer (dragon) forward, backward, left, or right, creating an interactive coding experience with every spell that is cast. The Spell Mode lets kids train their pets to sing, dance around, light up in different colors, and follow objects like the wand, a ball, or even their hand. The MagiCoders toy also includes a full-color coding “spell book” filled with screen-free activities for children to follow while showcasing their new skills.

“All of the toys we create at Learning Resources are magical in the way they help encourage a child’s lifelong love of learning, and MagiCoders introduces a way to feel like they are training their own pet dragon or unicorn in a whole new world of screen-free magic fun,” said Darci Shaw, senior marketing manager at Learning Resources. “We could not be happier to introduce preschoolers to Skye and Blazer, as they creatively teach early STEM skills through a spell-binding combination of imaginative play and hands-on learning.”

Coding Critters MagiCoders are available to buy at the Learning Resources website or through Amazon and

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