July 30, 2021

KEYiTechClicBot400x275KEYI Technology (KEYi TEch) has announced raising tens of millions of dollars in Series B financing. The Chinese consumer robotics company plans to use the funds to expand its developer ecosystem and develop new products.

Founded in 2014, KEYi Tech has integrated an industrial control algorithm, control and perception technologies as well as artificial intelligence into the robotic design of ClicBot. Based on a modular robotic system, the platform allows users across different age groups and geographies to create and share content in a common community. The open and highly random gameplay of ClicBot delivers more fun as the player’s experience grows, the company said.

ClicBot was 40x oversubscribed when it was launched on Kickstarter in 2020, raising about $900,000 from 1,678 backers from more than 80 countries and regions. In March 2021, the robot was named by Forbes as “Best Coding Robot” among its top 10 educational robots of the year. With more than 10,000 users worldwide, the robot has been made available in China through an online and offline simultaneous direct sale model. As a next step, the company said it plans to expand sales of ClicBot in the market by upgrading the robot and establishing relationships with more domestic retailers.

“Unlike traditional consumer robots, ClicBot was designed and built based on the concept of creating a brand-new robot with various combinations of intelligent modules,” said Yang Jianbo, founder and CEO of KEYi Tech. “By reconfiguring the modules, users can create over 10,000 robotics applications from several categories, among them tools, cute pets and interactive games. ClicBot can be used as a toy as well as a platform, through which the user can create content and learn from others.”

On the educational side, ClicBot delivers a two-level programming experience comprising action coding that is enabled by basic concentration and codeless programming, achieved by dragging graphics. The ClicBot App has more than 50 preset robotic configurations, allowing users to learn while playing. Users can also create advanced content based on their own ideas, while interacting with and inspiring others in the community, KEYi TEch said.

For additional information about ClicBot, visit this website.

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