April 5, 2021

iRobotRootCoding400x275iRobot has released new coding resources through its iRobot Education platform to promote more inclusive, equitable access to STEM education and support social-emotional development. The company also has added Python coding support and a new 3D Root coding robot simulator environment aimed at hybrid and remote learning landscapes.

Additional students can take advantage of the free iRobot Coding App through the introduction of Spanish, French, German, Czech, and Japanese learning support. The mobile and web coding app offers three progressively challenging levels of coding language that advances users from graphical coding to hybrid coding, followed by full-text coding. Globally, users can now translate graphical and hybrid block coding levels into their preferred language, helping beginners and experts hone their language and computational skills, iRobot said.

The Python coding language is now available to iRobot Coding App users in level 3, full-text coding. The new functionality lets users gain more complex coding experience in a language currently used in both academic and professional capacities worldwide. The new 3D feature aims to help kids learn coding at home and in school, with a virtual Root coding robot available for free within the app. The company updated the virtual Root SimBot with an interactive 3D experience, allowing students to control their programmable Root coding robot right on the screen.

The company also introduced social and emotional learning (SEL) lessons to its Learning Library that tie competencies, such as peer interaction and responsible decision-making, into coding and STEM curriculum. Lessons such as The Kind Playground, Seeing the Whole Picture and Navigating Conversations give educators new resources to help students build emotional intelligence and become responsible global citizens through a STEM lens, iRobot said.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had, and continues to have, a tangible impact on students who’ve been learning in remote environments, which is why we identified solutions to nurture and grow SEL skills in students,” said Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot. “The expansion of these new iRobot Education resources, which are free to anyone, will hopefully facilitate greater inclusivity and accessibility for those who want to grow their coding experience and pursue STEM careers.”