January 28, 2021

RoboKindRobot400x275RoboKind, which develops robotic technologies and curriculum for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, has announced new software to help educators support students during remote and blended learning.

The robots4autism:Avatar software is a version of RoboKind’s social-emotional learning program, robots4autism, which was recently endorsed by the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE). Based on development theory and principles of applied behavioral analysis, the program includes a modular, evidence-based curriculum that combines facially expressive avatar robots with social narratives, visual aids, video and natural modeling to help students learn, and eventually, master basic social skills, RoboKind said.

“Students with autism are one of the most at-risk student populations to be left behind during COVID-related virtual and blended learning,” said Richard Margolin, the founder and CTO of RoboKind. “This new software provides the consistency these students need in order to progress toward their Individual Education Program (IEP) goals, regardless of the student’s location.”

He added that the company has invested in bringing virtual and digital options to educators to provide support for school districts during these times. “For us, it’s about improving student outcomes and we have already begun seeing students across North America make tangible progress toward their IEP goals.”

Founded in 2011, RobotKind develops advanced social robots and an evidence-based social-emotional instructional curriculum for students in grades K-12. Its Milo robot was named as Tech & Learning’s Most Inspiring Game Changer in 2019, the first non-human ever to win the award.

More details on the new software are available at the RoboKind website.