JIDU ROBO 01 concept400x275JIDU, a China-based electric vehicle company backed by Baidu and Geely, has announced its first concept production robocar, the ROBO-01. The design integrates intelligent driving powered by Baidu and a “cutting-edge futuristic design” aimed to revolutionize the automobile industry that leads to cars driven by AI.


iRobotOS 400x275Consumer robotics leader iRobot has announced the iRobot OS, an evolution of the company’s Genius Home Intelligence platform. The new OS aims to deliver a new level of customer experiences for cleaner, healthier and smarter homes. Through leveraging an installed base of more than 20 million connected devices, the iRobot OS is already enabling more than 2.7 million cleaning missions every day around the world, iRobot said.


ToroRoboMower400x275Toro has announced a new robotic, battery-powered motor with new features and advances in technology to showcase the company’s “commitment to tech-forward property care.” Pre-orders of the mower will begin in fall 2022, with availability expected in spring 2023.


TeksboticsSaudiArabia400x275Hong Kong-based Teksbotics has announced it started a pilot of last-mile autonomous delivery in the King Abdullah University of Science and Technologies (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. It has partnered with Alshrouq Express for the project, which aims to design and build a cost-effective autonomous delivery vehicle for the last-mile delivery of e-commerce orders.


ArgoMiami400x275Autonomous vehicle technology developer Argo AI has announced it began driverless operations in Miami, Fla., and Austin, Texas, two of the eight global cities in which it is currently developing its technology. 


TurtleBot4 400x275Clearpath Robotics, which manufactures mobile robotic platforms for research and development, and Open Robotics, the primary maintainer of the Robot Operating System (ROS) and Gazebo simulator, have launched TurtleBot 4. 


TurfBot400x275TurfBot has announced launching the first franchised robotic mowing as a service company in the U.S. The Canada-based company will be offering lawn mowing services to local homeowners using zero-emission robotic technology.


Opinion CarsOnLot Pixabay400x275Global consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners released results from its Automotive consumer Survey 2022, which showcased U.S. consumer attitudes around new mobility choices, technologies and their preferred buying experience. While much of the survey covered areas such as how much people dislike going to the car dealership or negotiating on price, the survey did tackle some questions around people’s attitudes towards autonomous vehicles.


iRobotCreate3 400x275Consumer robot maker iRobot has announced expanding its educational product lineup with the launch of Create 3, an educational robot and developer platform. Based on the Roomba i3 Series robotic vacuum platform, Create 3 gives educators and advanced makers an out-of-the-box alternative to more costly and labor-intensive robotics kits that require assembly and texting. 


IntuitionElliQRobot400x275Intuition Robotics has announced the official commercial launch of its digital care companion, ElliQ, which is now available for purchase here. The ElliQ robot is a sidekick for healthier, happier aging, accompanying “older adults on their journey to age independently while motivating them to live healthier lives.”


STM VD55H1 400x275Global semiconductor firm STMicroelectronics (ST) has announced a new family of high-resolution Time-of-Flight sensors that bring advanced 3D depth imaging to smartphones and other devices, including consumer robots and AR/VR equipment.


AflacDuck400x275Insurance firm Aflac has created a new version of its award-winning robotic duck and is now distributing it to children with sickle cell disease, which impacts more than 100,000 Americans, primarily in the African-American community.


HoloInd MachineControl400x275Holograms in the world of film have been around for a long time, whether it’s Princess Leia asking Obi-Wan for help in the original Star Wars, or Tony Stark using a computer-generated 3D display to build a new Iron Man suit in a Marvel movie. But making these technologies for the real world have proven difficult, or companies have yet to find suitable use cases that make them practical.


TetrixVRsoftware400x275Pitsco Education has announced the TETRIX Virtual Robotics (VR) simulation software, a new digital/physical robotics experience that enables students to code a virtual TETRIX robot using Arduino C libraries. When used with the TETRIX MAX robotics building system, the VR software gives students the option to code virtually, and then test their code on a real robot.


OnshapeGhostRaptor400x275Giving a behind-the-scenes look at how some of these robots are created, a blog post at Onshape gives additional details of how Team Ghost Raptor utilized the company’s CAD software to help build its robot.


SonyAiboBlackSesame400x275Sony Electronics has announced that the limited-quantity aibo Black Sesame Edition Litter (model ERS1000/H) is now available for pre-order in the U.S. directly from Sony. Released in Japan in late January 2021, the aibo Black Sesame Edition is the second color variation of its aibo (model ERS1000) robotic “puppy” companion in the U.S., with availability scheduled for Feb. 14.