October 10, 2022

UR Cobot Program400x275Universal Robots (UR) has announced that it has overcome significant supply chain challenges in order to ship its collaborative robots (aka cobots) in just two weeks. The company also is promoting the Section 179 tax deduction, which helps U.S. businesses looking to stretch “use-it-or-lose-it” 2022 budgets by purchasing collaborative robots that are placed into service before the end of 2022.

“Manufacturers simply can’t staff positions to meet their production demands, and many can’t turn to traditional automation, which is too expensive and complex, especially for small and midsized businesses,” said Joe Campbell, senior manager of applications development and strategic marketing at UR. “UR cobots are cost-effective and easy to implement, and with the Section 179 tax deduction they can be even more affordable. Businesses should consult their tax expert right away to see if they can take advantage of this opportunity, and we’ll do our part to help them meet eligibility requirements.”

The company said global supply chain disruptions this year continue to make headlines, from semiconductor shortages to labor and equipment availability, along with geopolitical uncertainty. Despite these issues, UR said it has seen significant growth in production while fulfilling its production plan; one cobot typically includes about 600 different parts, sourced from more than 100 separate suppliers.

A 150-person production team at UR helps get a cobot made in time, and many are tasked with overcoming supply chain issues; by dual or even triple-sourcing parts, including team members traveling to component suppliers to oversee the finalizing and shipping of crucial components. “Collaboration and communication have been key, with the team speaking to primary suppliers on at least a daily basis,” said Anders Lassen, vice president for operations and supply chain at UR. “The emphasis is on keeping everyone aligned to the shared goal – namely, the timely delivery of cobots to our customers.”

For more details on UR, visit its website here.