June 21, 2022

Universal20KG robot 400x275Universal Robots, the Denmark-based manufacturer of collaborative robots (aka cobots), has announced a new 20kg payload cobot to its lineup of robots. The UR20 boasts an all-new design based on the company’s experience in refined engineering, featuring an entirely new joint design to allow for faster cycle times and the ability to handle heavier loads.

The UR20 boasts a 1,750mm reach, and has been designed to work to the full height of the standard Euro-pallet, while its small footprint lets companies achieve more within any existing production space. In addition to palletizing applications, the  UR20 is designed to perform welding, material handling, machine loading and machine tending tasks, as well as other solutions created through UR’s partner ecosystem. The new cobot was launched at the Automatica trade fair in Munich, Germany, and the palletizing capability was demonstrated in partnership with Robotiq, a UR+ partner. Universal said the UR20 is expected to be available for preorder in late Q4 2022, with shipping expected in Q2 2023.

“This is not just a bigger version of our existing cobots; it’s the cobot redefined,” said Kim Povlsen, president of Universal Robots. “The UR20 is the most innovative cobot we have reproduced and the latest evolution in 17 years of technical experience in the robotics industry. Our expert engineers have completely re-engineered the arm while retaining the same intuitive user interface we have long been celebrated for. The benefits of the UR20 are significant, from faster cycle times and the ability to handle heavier loads, to greater reach with a small footprint. We’ve also incorporated advanced software enhancements, giving users unprecedented motion control capabilities.”

UR20 lifting 800px

Since launching the first commercially viable cobot in 2008, Universal Robots has built an ecosystem of more than 1,100 integrators, distributors and independent partners that create components, kits, and applications for its cobots. The company said it has sold more than 50,000 cobots, and drew upon the knowledge gained through its established customer base in the design of the UR20. The new model signals the start of a new series of next-generation cobots that will complement the company’s e-Series.

“We are dedicated to quality engineering, stunning Nordic design and an outstanding user experience from software to endcaps,” said Povlsen. “The UR20 is just the beginning. We’re launching our next generation with this high-payload model first to market because it will make end-to-end automation a reality for our customers, allowing them to use cobot automation to cover new tasks. The next step in redefining automation will be to bring the same innovative features to a new family of cobots.  So watch this space – we can’t wait to show you what the future holds.”

For more information on the company's cobot solutions, visit the Universal Robots website here.