June 7, 2022

DOBOT Automate400x275DOBOT, which manufacturers intelligent collaborative robots, has announced the launch of the CR3L Collaborative Robot, an ultra-long cobot with a reach of 1700 mm, 11.5% longer than the previous CR10 model, which had a maximum reach of 1525 mm. The robotic body of the CR3L enables the robot to perform in small spaces, for applications that include loading and unloading, sorting, and wide-range inspection of small parts in consumer electronics and semiconductor industries.

DOBOT offers six different versions of its cobots, with payloads of 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg and 16 kg. The cobots offer automated solutions for several scenarios and markets, including automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductors, food, garments, hardware, plastics and chemicals. Additional applications including handling, gluing, testing, screwdriving and packaging applications.

At this week’s Automate show, the company planned to showcase its cobots, including the safe use of its DOBOT SafeSkin system, designed with pre-collision sensing technology to ensure high production efficiency and provide the cobots with human-machine cooperation safety solutions, such as non-contact proximity perception and collision prevention. It also planned to show the CR10 cobot doing palletizing, the M1 Pro SCARA cobot performing loading and unloading, and the MG400 desktop robot in gluing and SIM card feeding.

For more details on the DOBOT systems, visit their website here.