June 6, 2022

RobotiqMachineTending400x275Responding to continuing labor shortages and supply chain challenges for manufacturers, Robotiq has announced a new Machine Tending Application Solution to make cobot automation more accessible. The company said the solution can lower implementation costs by up to 50%, and take less than two hours to go from unboxing to machining the first part – no coding experience needed.

“When a machine shop owner struggles to find employees to do the work, their first instinct is to look for new CNC machines that can run unattended for longer and with shorter changeover times,” said Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq. “But those machines are costly, and this, combined with a longer lead time, makes for a less than ideal solution.”

Robotiq said its new solution features intuitive automation technology that emulates the machine operator, with no need to modify or alter the machine controls. Because it is non-intrusive, the Machine Tending Solution will work with any brand of CNC machine, the company added.

“Instead of hard-wiring the machine like with traditional automation, Robotiq’s Machine Tending Solution communication modules are non-invasive and do not require installation by certified technicians,” said Bouchard. “The solution can be deployed in two to three hours, 75% faster than with traditional programming.”

Manufacturers that have worked with Robotiq in automating said it has simplified their lives. “This allowed us to stabilize production, delivery to customers and productivity while solving our labor shortage challenge<’ said Vincent Roussy, manufacturing engineer at Usinatech. Hugo Santos, operator at Usinatech, said the solution also delivers peace of mind on the shop floor. “I never thought a robot would replace me, and I am happy to have my three robots; my speed keeps increasing.”

Robotiq will be showcasing the new application solution at this week’s Automate 2022 event in Detroit, along with other robot solutions and task examples. For more details on the company and its offerings, visit the Robotiq website here.