August 18, 2021

CobotNation Cognex400x275Cobot Nation, an industrial automation company that provides systems for manufacturing companies, has announced partnering with Cognex to incorporate its machine vision systems with collaborative robots (cobots).

The two companies will help identify applications, create custom workflows, provide engineering, manufacturing, installation and support for enterprise-level clients, as well as untapped industries that have been unable to automate on their own.

Cobot Nation said Cognex was an ideal fit for the partnership, as the company has experience and products tailored to several different applications. In addition, the products are backed with software, processing libraries, and artificial intelligence deep learning capabilities that would also be applied to Cobot Nation’s automation systems.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Cognex, bringing their expert machine vision technology to our cobots and furthering the capabilities and functionality of our services,” said Gil Mayron, founder and CEO of Cobot Nation. “Cognex vision systems are of the highest quality and we are excited to offer them as an integral part of our fleet system. We have the arms and the best partner with the eyes.”

For more details on Cobot Nation’s offerings, visit its website here.