July 12, 2021

Universal ActiNav400x275Universal Robots has announced it will go “on tour” this summer to show off its ActiNav application, which combines intelligent vision and sensor software with its collaborative robots (aka cobots). The application kit aims to solve random bin picking challenges in machine tending applications. The tour will allow manufacturers to experience ActiNav hands-on, with Universal Robots, its partners, and systems integrators.

“We want manufacturers to experience in person the ‘wow factor’ as they see ActiNav effortlessly pick their randomized parts and place them correctly in a designated place,” said Bryan Bird, regional sales director for Universal Robots’ North America division. “We look forward to working with our partners in providing this unique experience.”

Traditional automated machine loading involves integrating conveyors, bowl feeders, custom trays, shaker tables or other components and processes, Universal said. These methods can lead to different obstacles and challenges, including complex programming and setup, poorly utilized manpower, inefficient machine utilization and decreased output. WIth ActiNav and cobots, the system can pick up the jumbled parts in bins and accurately insert them into machines for further processing, the company said.

Tour dates include the following locations:

The company also announced adding four companies to its ActiNav Solution Providers, a vetted and carefully selected group of systems integrators that can help deploy the next-generation machine loading solutions. The four companies include Muratec (Charlotte, N.C.); PCC Robotics (Germantown, Wisc.); Computech Manufacturing Company (Washington, Mich.); and PrecisionForm Inc. (Lititz, Pa.)

“As a systems integrator we find parts staging to be a key component of nearly every application,” said Dan Carney, general manager at PCC Robotics. “We have reviewed a number of bin picking offerings and ActiNav is simply in a different class.

The full list of the tour dates are available here, with registration available at each of the tour date locations.