Universal ActiNav400x275Universal Robots has announced it will go “on tour” this summer in the U.S. to show off its ActiNav application, which combines intelligent vision and sensor software with its collaborative robots (aka cobots). The application kit aims to solve random bin picking challenges in machine tending applications. The tour will allow manufacturers to experience ActiNav hands-on, with Universal Robots, its partners, and systems integrators.


SICKRuler3000 400x275SICK has announced the first in a new generation of Ruler3000 3D streaming cameras, designed to offer systems integrators with a way to harness the speed and measurement precision of SICK’s high-definition 3D imaging technology. The Ruler3000 is a pre-calibrated device that combines SICK’s Ranger3 streaming camera with a Class 2 eye-safe laser, pre-selected optics and fixed geometries to enable simpler configuration and commissioning.


MechMindMechEye400x275Mech-Mind Robotics, a Chinese AI startup, has announced the launch of its next-generation Mech-Eye Nano Industrial 3D Camera. Featuring a smaller size with high-quality 3D imaging, the Mech-Eye Nano is aimed at precision-required applications and on-arm mounting for pick-and-place robot applications.


Micropsi MIRAI 400x275Micropsi Industries has announced the next-generation of its MIRAI software, which uses artificial intelligence to help industrial and collaborative robots learn to perform camera-guided movements more quickly. Through the software, robots can flexibly react to variances in their tasks in real time by learning from humans. The company said MIRAI customers will notice quicker setup times, down from 2-3 days per skill to about three hours, along with increased robot speeds.


OnRobotVention400x275Vention, which develops manufacturing automation platforms (MAP), has announced a partnership with end-of-arm tools-maker OnRobot to help accelerate the design and deployment of end-to-end cobot applications. As part of the partnership, Vention will offer OnRobot’s library of tools and end-effectors directly on its digital platform where users design their collaborative automation cells.


Cobot MachineTending400x275A new report from research firm ABI Research predicts that the cobot market will grow substantially over the next decade. With a global valuation of $475 million in 2020 and expansion to $600 million this year, BI said the market will surge to $8 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 32.5%.


CoBoStack UR10e 400x275Universal Robots has announced enhancing its UR10e with an increased payload of 12.5 kg (25.55 lbs.), giving its best-selling robot the ability to handle heavier items for palletizing, machine tending, and packaging applications. The company said the robot’s price will remain unchanged, with shipments scheduled to start in the second half of June.


ActiNavUniversal400x275Universal Robots has chosen four U.S.-based systems integrators to assist manufacturers with deployments of its ActiNav system, which combines real-time autonomous motion control, UR cobots, vision and sensor systems in a seamless application kit. The kit helps solve random bin picking challenges in machine tending applications where precision is needed during the placement phase.


AI2THOR 400x275The Allen Institute for AI (AI2), which conducts research and engineering in the field of artificial intelligence, has announced the 3.0 release of its embodied AI framework, known as AI2-THOR. The new version adds active object manipulation to its testing framework to allow robotics developers to train robots in a virtual environment instead of real-world training methods.


IndustrialRobotsFrostSullivan400x275A new analysis by Frost & Sullivan says the global industrial robotics market will reach revenues of $38.3 billion in 2024, up from $22.2 billion in 2020 (a 12.2% compound annual growth rate). Despite uncertainty in the automotive space and the COVID-19 pandemic, rising demand from industries such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, and electrical and electronics are expected to propel growth over the next five years.

HireboticsCobotWelder400x275Hirebotics, which develops cobot technology applications, has announced its new Cobot Welder a user-friendly collaborative robot welding system that enables painless automated welding deployments. The company will host an online launch event next week with its partner, Universal Robots, to showcase how cobot welding can increase productivity and decrease the time required to teach the cobot.


UniversalWeldingMetalFabExpo400x275Universal Robots is holding the latest of its virtual events that focus on industries and applications most relevant to collaborative robots to the manufacturing audience. Held on April 13 and 14 (and available for 90 days after), the Metal Fabrication is part of Universal’s Cobot Expo Series for 2021. 

WaypointProductive400x275Waypoint Robotics has teamed up with Productive Robotics to create a mobile manipulation robot aimed at small and midsize companies. The combination takes Waypoint’s omnidirectional autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with the 7-axis collaborative robot arm from Productive to create a mobile manipulator for manufacturing and logistics applications. Workers can use the mobile platform to perform repetitive tasks such as machine tending, quality assurance sampling, material replenishment, packaging, among other tasks.


DoosanCobots400x275South Korea’s Doosan Robotics has announced the release of its ROS 2 package, compatible with the latest ROS 2 Foxy Fitzroy. The company said it plans to release the package later this year, positioning itself as the first company to operate collaborative robots driven by the newest version of ROS 2.

Umbratek400x275China’s Umbratek, a new robotic startup, has released its first robotic arm series, called the UTRA, on Kickstarter. The company is offering five different robot arm models to choose from, with a modular design aimed to be powerful and affordable. The UTRA series is available for as low as $2,999 via a Super Early Bird Special on Kickstarter.


MIT RF Grasp400x275In recent years, robots have gained artificial vision, touch, and even smell. “Researchers have been giving robots human-like perception,” says MIT Associate Professor Fadel Adib. In a new paper, Adib’s team is pushing the technology a step further. “We’re trying to give robots superhuman perception,” he says.