Robot Types

eLoop FDPro 400x275Electronics recycler eLoop has announced it can offer the industry a safer and more efficient process to recover valuable commodities found inside end-of-life (EOL) flat-panel television and monitors (sometimes known as Flat Panel Displays or FPDs). By using a fully automated and artificial intelligence-based robotic processing system, the eLoop FPD Pro Technology enhances safety and efficiency while also increasing the volume being processed.


BadgerVallarta400x275Badger Technologies, which develops retail automation systems, has partnered with BRdata Software Solutions to assist grocers in attaining actionable data and aggregated analytics to help improve store profitability, operational efficiencies and shopping experiences. Badger said real-time inventory, pricing and trend data collected through autonomous robots can be ingested by BRdata’s cloud-based retail software to support identifying discrepancies and resolving on-shelf product and pricing problems with increased agility and accuracy.


TombotJennie400x275Tombot, which is developing a hyper-realistic emotion-support robot that looks, feels and behaves much like a real puppy, has announced a limited-time opportunity for U.S. and international individuals to invest in the company as part of a community raise. The crowdfunding campaign will be held on Republic, a platform for investors seeking high growth potential.


TrueView655 400x275GeoCue has announced that its new TrueView 655/660 will be exhibiting at the upcoming Intergeo 2022 event in Europe. The 655/660 is GeoCue’s third-generation RIEGL integration built with the miniVUX-3UAV and triple mapping cameras (right, left, nadir) for high-accuracy mapping with vegetation penetration and wire detection in a light payload package.



SkyDriveSD 05 400x275Japan-based SkyDrive has unveiled the design of its commercial model flying car – the SkyDrive SD-05. The company said it will use the SD-05, currently in development, to launch air taxi service in the Osaka Bay area in 2025, during the world exposition in Osaka.


Valqari UAM winner400x275Five winners in the urban air mobility space will share a total of $50,000 in cash prizes as part of the 2022 Urban Air Mobility Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Advanced Technology International (ATI), TechConnect and The Vertical Lift Consortium (VLC). The winners were announced at the Defense TechConnect Innovation Summit & Expo in Washington, D.c.


Kodiak Werner400x275Kodiak Robotics, which develops self-driving trucking technology, has announced a collaboration with Werner Enterprises, a large transportation and logistics provider, to establish an autonomous trucking lane and showcase how efficiently autonomous trucks can be used with a transfer hub model at truckports.


CobaltIndoor400x275Robotics-World recently spoke with Cobalt Robotics COO Mike LeBlanc on the company’s growth in the security robotics space, along with new partnerships with building management and other security companies.


ROEQ OMRON400x275Denmark-based ROEQ, which develops top modules and cart systems for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has announced new options for owners of the OMRON LD-250. The new TMC500 top module and Cart500 doubles the payload capacity of the AMR from 250 kg (550 lbs.) to 500 kg (1,100 lbs.), but also provides a standardized, safe and flexible solution for internal logistics tasks.


FAA Vertiport400x275The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released an engineering brief (#105) that provides initial guidelines for advanced electric-powered air mobility (AAM) aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) capabilities.


Denso VisionSensor400x275DENSO Corporation has announced it expanded the detection angle of its vision sensor, increasing the sensor’s ability to recognize pedestrians and bicycles around a vehicle to improve road safety. The vision sensor is used on some grades of the Subaru Legacy Outback, announced in April 2022 for the North American market, and the Subaru Crosstrek, announced in September 2022 for the Japanese market.


SkylineWasher400x275Skyline Robotics, which develops the Ozmo high-rise window-cleaning robot, has announced a key investment from commercial and residential real estate company Durst Ventures. The venture company is an affiliate of The Durst Organization, which owns some of New York City’s most notable skyscrapers, including One Bryant Park, One World Trade Center and 151 West 42nd Street. 


6RiverChuck400x2756 River Systems, a division of Shopify, has announced new features to its wall-to-wall fulfillment system designed for warehouse operators. Integrated into the company’s software-as-a-service-based Fulfillment Execution System and autonomous mobile robots, the new features aim to provide tools and insights needed to maximize operations as fulfillment speed becomes a competitive differentiator for warehouse operators and the merchants they serve.


AvidbotsNeo2 400x275Canada’s Avidbots has announced it raised $70 million in Series C funding to expand its fleet of commercial cleaning robots and autonomy software. With the new financing, Avidbots said it has raised more than $107 million to date.


Locus DHL 400x275Locus Robotics, which develops autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for fulfillment warehouses, has announced the expansion of their partnership with DHL Supply Chain, the contract logistics group within Deutsche Post DHL Group. The extended partnership includes the deployment of Locus’ AMRs at DHL’s Canal Winchester and Lockbourne, Ohio, fulfillment centers to support high-volume order fulfillment for Carhartt, a global clothing retailer customer.


OttonomyRomeAirport400x275Ottonomy.IO has announced the launch of its Ottobot 2.0 at pier A of Terminal 1 at the Aeroporti di Roma (ADR) in Rome, Italy. The autonomous delivery project is part of ADR’s long-term strategy to maintain the highest levels of service and enhance passengers’ experience through the use of cutting-edge technology and innovation.