SICK Vention400x275SICK has announced a partnership with Vention that will combine SICK’s PLB and PLOC2D systems with Vention’s manufacturing automation platform to accelerate the design and deployment of custom-built applications for robot guidance systems.


Seabed Velodyne 400x275Velodyne Lidar has announced that Seabed B.V., which develops equipment for offshore surveying and dredging, has selected Velodyne’s Puck sensors for its lidar mobile mapping system. The Seabed system is a mobile lidar solution for hydrographic surveys that can support sustainable planning to protect sensitive historic and marine environments.


MIT Digital Fibers 400x275MIT researchers have created the first fiber with digital capabilities, able to sense, store, analyze, and infer activity after being sewn into a shirt. The researchers said this could expand the possibilities for fabrics to uncover hidden patterns in the human body that could be used for physical performance monitoring, medical inference, and early disease detection, among other uses.


SICK W4F 400x275SICK has announced launching a new miniature photoelectric sensor, the W4F, aimed for intelligent object detection in tight installation spaces for proximity-based applications. The new ASIC platform and sensors can detect jet black, highly reflective, flat, or transparent objects more reliably than other sensors. The W4F can also provide distance information, such as the height of objects, and, as a result, identify process eros. SICK said initial users of the W4F said the photoelectric sensors “have the best ambient light and sunlight suppression on the market, as well as maximum immunity to all known sources of optical interference.”


ACEINNA OpenIMU335RIACEINNA has announced the general availability of its OpenIMU335RI, a rugged inertial measurement unit (IMU) with CAN and RS232 interfaces. The OpenIMU335RI follows the earlier introduced IMU383ZA and OpenIMU330BI in the company’s Gen 3 architecture.


Vishay VCNL36825T 400x275The Optoelectronics Group of Vishay Intertechnology has announced a new fully integrated proximity sensor designed to increase efficiency and performance in consumer and industrial applications. Featuring a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL), the VCNL36825T combines a photodiode, signal processing IC, and 12-bit ADC in a compact 2.0 mm by 1.25 mm by 0.55 mm surface-mount package with a small 1.6 mm light hole.


AlliedVision AlviumC2460 400x275Allied Vision has announced expanding the range of its Alvium CSI-2 camera series with the high-resolution Alvium 1800 CSI-2 model, equipped with high-quality Type 1.2 (19.3 mm diagonal) Sony fourth-generation IMX540 back-illuminated CMOS sensor with Pregius S global shutter technology. The compact, sugar cube format of the 1800 C-2460 offers the highest possible resolution within such a small housing, the company said.

VueronScreen400x275Innoviz Technologies, which develops high-performance, solid-state lidar sensors and perception software, is teaming up with Vueron Technology, which develops lidar perception software and autonomous driving technology. The cooperation will help build an autonomous driving platform for lidar-only self-driving vehicles, the companies said in a statement.


UhnderPort400x275Austin, Texas-based Uhnder, which is developing digital imaging radar technologies for automotive and logistics applications, has teamed up with Yunshan Technologies to deliver a digital perception radar sensor solution for use in autonomous trucks operating in shipping ports. China Merchants Port (CMPort) is an early adopter and deploying digital perception radar in a fleet of autonomous trucks at its Mawan Smart Port in Shenzhen, China.

ZF ProAI 400x275At the Auto Shanghai 2021 event, ZF unveiled the next generation of its ZF ProAI, a flexible and scalable supercomputer aimed at applications from automated driving levels 2 through 5. The company said ZF ProAI will go into serial production by late 2024.

HydroQuebec400x275Hydro-Quebec has announced a partnership agreement with Quebec-based Nucleom for the industrialization and commercialization of its LineCore and LineOhm power line inspection technologies, developed by robotics experts at the Hydro-Quebec research center.

InnovizTwo400x275Innoviz Technologies, which develops high-performance solid-state lidar sensors and perception software, has announced a 30x performance improvement for its InnovizTwo lidar sensor when compared to InnovizOne. The sensor, announced last year, also provides a 70% cost reduction, which Innoviz said will allow for its adoption by any type of vehicle. The company has shared the full updated specifications of InnovizTwo to establish the sensor’s “technological superiority and market leadership in the most transparent way.”

AnsysVelodyneSim400x275Velodyne and Ansys have announced they are developing software models of next-generation automotive lidar sensors in order to provide improved hazard identification capabilities for autonomous vehicles. The collaboration incorporates Velondyne’s lidar design into Ansys’ virtual sensor suite and expedites automakers’ integration of Velodyne’s sensor into AVs, delivering driving safety and a drastically faster path to market, the companies said in a statement.


OusterWaytous400x275Waytous, one of the leading unmanned mining solution providers in China, has announced selecting Ouster’s lidar sensors for its fleet of autonomous mining vehicles. The company’s self-developed “YUGONG” system has been deployed in multiple high-production open-pit mines.

SICK scangrid2 400x275SICK has announced the scanGrid2, a safe multibeam scanner that uses solid-state lidar technology designed for small autonomous and line-guided transport vehicles. Certified as a Type 2/SIL 1 safety sensor (IEC 61496-3), the scanGrid2 can protect hazardous areas up to performance level C, and works well for collision avoidance. An app and cloning function also ensure a high level of uptime and fast fleet deployment, SICK said.

InsightLidar Gesture400x275Insight Lidar, which develops autonomous vehicle technologies, has announced that its Insight 1600 is the first lidar system with the combined high resolution and velocity detection to enable pedestrian gesture recognition. The new capability can be used by autonomous vehicle (AV) perception teams to quickly and accurately predict the actions of pedestrians.